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  • Timbone

    Beating G

    July 18, 2014 by Timbone

    I used to think that I needed level 135 heroes and they must all be legendary but I passed G with the following heroes

    Druid 100+

    TG, Ninja, Champ and Eng all level 100.

    Three purple  and blue garrisons.

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  • Timbone

    Getting Grizzly Reaper

    July 15, 2014 by Timbone

    I am getting Grizzly Reaper today if I beat D in my second account that has Pumpkin Duke. This game has been boring for me recently as my 13k account is just there gathering dust as I doubt about 2k shards t the guild because I dont really care for it anymore. But who knows hopefully getting Grizzly in my 7k might account added to Pumpkin Duke might reignite my interest in this game

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  • Timbone

    I have to say that the challenge of Here Be Monsters is probably my favorite on Castle clash.

    Beating F5 with a level 89 Engineer and lower end Legendaries on a free account was mighty satisfying lol. Yes I needed a lot of garrisons: 4 Green, 4 Blue and 3 Purple, but not losing a single hero tells me that I can start dwindling down on my garrison. Keeping blue garrisons though as I lost a tower.

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