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    Boss & Mesa DPS Tuning

    October 15, 2015 by The Valyard

    (this is a work in progress)

    The most important aspect of tuning damage per second in a Team dungeon is understanding that in an optimal party setup all heroes are striking with 35000 damage every 200ms intervals to the boss. With this understanding we can ignore the individual characteristics of ATK and ATKSPD since the amount of damage inflicted and the rate at which you attack are now fixed.

    Given the table below we can visualize the effect of the different activation or 'proc' rates of these talents. Effectively any time either of these skills 'procs' it counts as an extra hit towards the target.

    Interestingly enough with regards to regular attacks the proc activation % correlates to the effective damage gain.

    Heavy Blow proc rate scales f…

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