Winning Mesa 4

Necessary Heroes



Pumpkin Duke

To increase ATK and DMG


Heal other heroes

Vlad Dracula

Take initial hit and heal itself

Grizzly Reaper

Take initial hit and heal itself

Spirit Mage

Clear out other enemy units and buildings while fighting the boss


  • Separate the four player into two different corners that are next to each other. Meaning, two Centaur Scout that are next to each other will be fought first.
  • Only join the battle if there is 3-4 Pumpkin Dukes and 3-4 Druids
  • All players must have heroes at level 160+

Team Formation

  • Keep Pumpkin Duke on the outside opposite to the side you will attack on. You want Pumpkin Dude to be the last player attacked by enemies. Pumpkin Duke must live…
  • Keep Self-healers as the front line attackers 

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