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  • Sniperpixie

    Hello again, Unicorn_Knights is sending out invites to anyone 5k might and up. To join me (Lithodora), Amaranth, and Failboat for Daily boss challenge @17:00 game time, Mesa 3, and Gorge 2. Our leaders are online daily and ready and willing to answer questions or give advice. Our guild is currently ranked #250 and rising all the time. We can access Boss 3 and can carry 60 members. Our current membership is at 53. Get new friends and help in defeating LR demon.      

    Our top three players have might of

    • 127207
    • 75057
    • 65677

    And we have a good number of 20-30k might players. Whether you're casual or serious find what you need with us. We're a friendly community of players. (We are on Kindle/Amazon server)

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  • Sniperpixie

    As stated in the title I'm curious on people's thoughts of what heroes perform best in totem. I know AOE and healing are key, but who really shines!? I personally find Immortep really good, but for my second totem I'm not quite happy. I've tried out SM and Orks, unfortunately I don't have a ton of options. 

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