• Piksodriver

    As we can see


    Berseker lvl 6+ isnt as beneficient as should be

    if ur PD is 9/10 it will gain a full speed at 3th stack with berseker 7-8 is same

    if ur PD is 10/10 u wont gain anything form 6+ after 3th stack,

    but 1st attack faser with 200ms and after 1st prock attack is 200ms speed

    this is the only benefit form 8/8 Bersek

    for most ppl ill recomend leave it at 6 or 7

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  • Piksodriver

    Base Designs

    July 23, 2015 by Piksodriver

    The best way to farm HBM

    A-G is corner base

    H-J is Box design base

    K-N is Box design base

    O-P is corner base again

    IDK yet ;) need Vlad and PD to figure it out

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