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    Designing for HBM

    September 30, 2014 by Mikey MESalot

    See my reply to a post below...

    After I replied to the post I thought that this would make a good here it is.

    When you are looking at designs matched to your Town Hall level you will notice that the towers and Hero Bases are mostly concentrated close together. This concentration of buildings in turn allows the user to maximize firepower in the direction that the monsters are coming from, with a minimum loss of overlap in the buildings' engagement radius'

    It's this concentrated fire that takes the HBM waves down quickly

    Since different troop typess travel at different speeds and go after different…

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  • Mikey MESalot

    Too much of a good thing?

    You tell me. All I wanted was Aries.

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    The purpose of this post is to show the quantitative differences between the Stone Skin and Tenacity talents

    Stone Skin is a defensive talent that reduces the DMG taken in an attack. The talent starts with a 5% DMG reduction at Lvl 1/5 and increases in 5% increments per level till you have 25% DMG reduction at Lvl 5/5.

    Likewise, Tenacity is also a defensive talent but one that increases your hero's starting HP. Tenacity starts with a 10% increase in HP at Lvl 1/5 and increases in 5% increments until you have a 30% increase in HP at Lvl 5/5.

    For the sake of this discussion we will consider the effects of these talents on a generic hero that has 2000 HP. We will also distinguish a difference between ATK Received (AR) and ATK Taken (AT). And fin…

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