Intro Many guys asked me, how I did become that strong. First to be said: I'm not strong at all; that's a simple fact I can tell from the ranking :) And I do not develop very quickly in the past months. Anyway...any way will be a good introduction to find your own one.

This is a 'how to' regarding various possibilities in the game. Her we go.

Base Layout There is not one perfect base for all parts of the game, but you have the chance to design three bases and using them for the fight you are facing. Nevertheless, all attacks against your base shares one simple thing: don't let your attackers attack you before you attacked them. That simply means, let them run a really long distance, before they start to attack even a single wall or building. For you wouldn't know where the attacking units will come from, a labyrinth or a map full with decorations and randomly placed buildings could be helpful, to open fewer gates for spawning.

  • Flying units don't care for walls and take the direct and shortest way to their preferred target
  • Ground units will look for the shortest time getting nearer to their target
    1. That means, they breaks through walls, if that's the fastest way to get nearer (red circle)
    2. That also means, they will walk, if there's a wall in their way, which takes to long to break (blue circle)
  • All buildings (including walls) having borders of the size 1
    1. within these borders or the buildings you can't place units
    2. a building of the size 3x3 saves an area of 5x5 fields from spawning
    3. map borders are excluded, if you place a building directly at the map border, the shared border will be dropped
  • Ranged units will shoot from distance; (self-explaining but...) the range is an important fact where to place your buildings inside the walls


(sorry i have to cut it for now, will be continued soon)

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