• LaaTheEvil

    New Crest

    February 3, 2015 by LaaTheEvil

    Psyshield Crest I

    Psyshield Crest II

    Psyshield Crest III

    Psyshield Crest IV

    Increases Max HP by 4%. Every 15s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.

    Increases Max HP by 8%. Every 12s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.

    Increases Max HP by 12%. Every 9s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.

    Increases Max HP by 16%. Every 6s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.

    Increases Max HP by 20%. Every 4s, grants a shield that blocks one negative status.

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  • LaaTheEvil

    Anonymous users

    December 19, 2014 by LaaTheEvil

    Upon my request, wikia stuff blocked anonymous users. They can't edit or write comments anymore. I hope that this will bring back focus of castle-clash wikia to solid information and not spam/whine/brag.

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  • LaaTheEvil

    G wave

    July 1, 2014 by LaaTheEvil

    I was struggling a bit with G wave HBM.

    I'm using Double Diamond base design:

    My Heroes: TG, Immo, Druid, Cupid, Champ, Succubus 120+ and GR 100+

    So why did I struggle to beat 5 G waves.

    Some of my heroes tend to die in first waves. Reason: they went too far behind walls and attracted enemies.

    How to avoid this? Bases 2 and 4 are for ranged heroes. In my case Cupid and GR. Bases 1 and 5 are reserved for heroes with AoE (TG and Immo) because they had to deal with griffins. Druid is always and without doubt in the middle (base 3).

    Why GR? GR is better for this, even 20 levels lower than Champ or Succubus. First, he is ranged and is not running behind walls. Second, he is targeting more enemies than Succubus and much faster than both Champion and S…

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  • LaaTheEvil


    June 30, 2014 by LaaTheEvil

    A simple thought:

    Quote from "Announcement regarding the use of illegal third party software"[1] :

    ...will affect the balance of the game greatly, and we hereby announce that...

    Introducing such a boosted hero into the game was not "affecting the balance of the game greatly"?

    PS: I do not support any usage of third party software or hacking of any kind.

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  • LaaTheEvil

    Suggestions for IGG

    June 20, 2014 by LaaTheEvil

    Here are some:

    Raiding for resources (mana, gold) is problem. People do not care about losing a few HB over lost raid. So they are willing to go for Gold/Mana Vault even if they cannot win (get over 50%) and it’s impossible to pack all your Vaults within your walls. I think that this is wrong. Defender has no profit from such an attack, not even shield and can lose significant amount of this resources. Solution: To raise amount of HB that somebody lose over lost raid. Or reduce amount of gained resources if the attack was not successful. Or maybe reward for successful defense would help.

    Guild chat is tragic. No offline history at all, bad rolling if you miss something due to dungeons or HBM. A lot of work here to be done.

    Troops Hiring. You ca…

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