Update will come today in TW server. The new contents are as follows


  1. Add: Valentine decorations

Decorative CupidDecoration Valentine Day 1

  1. Add: Three new might titles

Nobility 16Nobility 17Nobility 18

  1. Add: A button to remove all crests from a hero
  2. Add: In warehouse, one can use a item in bulk. (open 10 chests all at once)
  3. Add: Voice chat feature in game
  4. Add: Spirit crest (can be obtained from events).

50px (this crest hopefully)

  1. Add: New quests on Quest Board: including "team dungeon, expert dungeon and Lost Realm related quests"


  1. Add: New hero - Pixie. Hero can be obtained from gem rolls.
    • ATK is a little higher than Reaper, HP is between aries and SZ
    • Pixie is a ranged flying hero, has the longest attack range in game.
    • DPS is very low, but a very good healing and support hero.
Pixie hero
Pixie on base


  1. Adjust: Daily login rewards

Slimes will become essense in daily rewards 21 day reward is druid, 30 day reward is special Legendary hero card, which is not the same as normal legendary hero card One can obtain the following heroes from this special legendary hero card: All shard heroes + PD + Cupid + Aries + Snowzilla

  1. Adjust: Change some icons in magic hall and camp
  2. Fix: Hero become dead after Team dungeon and lost realm fight
  3. Adjust: Change the rewards from Mesa 3 and 4. (Raise the rewards from Mesa 3, Change HB reward from mesa 4 to other items)
  4. Adjust: Guild max might requirement becomes 150k
  5. Adjust: Expert dungeon counts in elite dungeon quests


New Hero Pixie

New Upcoming Updates



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