"We've unearthed the Lost Battlefield, an ancient site where the Lost Realm's inhabitants compete against each other.

Here's what we can reveal for now: ●You’ll need 10,000 Might to enter this new site. ●You'll need more than 5 of your strongest Heroes to defeat other Clashers and claim the top spot, so start training!

Stay tuned for more on the Lost Battlefield in our next sneak peek! Don't miss it!"

So kind of like arena? Aries revit rules?


"The Lost Battlefield will be available once you’ve entered the Lost Realm. It can be accessed via the Arena as a button located next to the Expedition.

This new feature allows you to choose 3 teams of 5 Heroes to battle against other Clashers. Pick an opponent and battle with your teams! The player to claim 2 wins will earn Season Points and Fame. Fame can be exchanged for items in the Warehouse.

Each Clasher’s Season Points will be reset to 0 once the Season has ended. The countdown timer for the Season is located on the main interface of the Lost Battlefield. The timer lets you know how much time you have left to claim the top spot. Aim for the highest as each rank will have its own rewards!

Gear up and start training your Heroes before the next update! Prepare yourselves for the Lost Battlefield! Stay tuned for the Lost Battlefield’s rules!"

- tourny starts and is 2 weeks long* - you get 5 chances daily to battle* - each battle will consist of 3 fights - you pick one of your groups to fight one of your foe's groups. (each group can be used one time) - repeat 3 times - best 2 out of 3 wins - your standings are adjusted - torney ends and prizes for overall standings are given* Source: Lost Battlefield



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