As a person looking for a knowledge regarding something or somewhat information about things we end up searching, most of us ends our search destinations online where we can find almost 98% of the answers we tend to look for. As a person viewed a wiki (informative site) he/she understand well that the page may help the most of the questions required answers.

WIKI a page where we can find online. Spread knowledge,information and details.

WIKIA, thats what they call those people who enters the wiki page. 

A group of wikia is called Community. Normally known as a group itself though these people knows what they search for and what they aim for. Part of that is to CONTRIBUTE and BE PART of the reasonable informative page online. They PROVIDE visual details, DEFINABLE ideas and CONCRETE points of views. 

As the community grows hundreds, thousands, and even millions of wikia contributor (terms for those who really contributes some details in wikia) enters and join the wiki page. Their aim is to LEARN, gain ideas and at some point SHARE knowledge and give personal experience and opinions given the right fact of reasonings and ideals.

Being a wikia contributor is not hard, as a matter of fact the main point of being a contributor is either contribute or gain some facts. There is no problem if you dont know how to EDIT a page, at least on the comment box you can show your ideas by either suggesting an idea or sharing a points of views and experience. For those wikia who edit pages, it is strongly requires knowledge and definable facts and correct views upon editing. This may result in good or bad image of the page depending upon the editor. A good details reflects a good editor and a good information.

I feel bad when a wikia who enters a wiki page just to mess around. Imagine the effort of those who contributes details and facts and then all of a sudden edit it and put gibberish information or bad words. Those who dont even have a knowledge and act like ignorant who just in a matter of seconds put b*tch*s, F@ck, sh*t or any garbage words that they bring from themselves just to add up an idea of their own.

Some do mess up in comment box expressing their nonsense thoughts saying same gibberish words and information that was not even helpful, knowing the fact that somehow they gain understanding on the pages they visit with.

Sharing keeps the wikia alive. Being a wikia is not hard as it is but an opportunity to help others, at least have concerns and respect with what we gain and return back a favor or either helping or sharing,

Have a great day

Enjoy every page.


Posted by Knightraven

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