I will made some Fun and Exciting Game for each wikia editor who are registered on the wikia.

Game Category:


  • Anyone who will make 100 edit post in 2-3 days will be awarder with my very own customized signature..
  • how to join? 

a) u should be registered on this wikia.

b) post your user name on this post together with date and the number of edit u have made "as a starter"


knighraven - october 10. 2014 total posts: 3538 (last count u have to start with)

c} from the date starter u made plus 2-3 days i will check and count the edit post u made..

Indicated example: october 10. 2014 total posts: 3538 (last count u have to start with)

post after 2-3 days : 3538 + 100 posts done = 3638 posts October 13,2014

d) edit posts that will be rolled back will also be deducted so avoid edit that will end up being rolled back.


you = edited minotaur page 3538 + 1 edit posts = 3539 posts

knighraven: edit made was rollback: reason wrong info added = 3539 posts - 1 edit posts = 3538 posts ( 1 point reverted )

1 valid edit posts = 1 valid points of edit

e) cheating is subject on being banned.

f) winners will be notified by me (knightraven) through wall posts. I will choose 5 winners who will get their customized signature banner.

g) the fun will start today and ends up on October 14, 2014

thanks to those who will participate, 



here are the lists of Players:

Name Date Joined Posts Counts Points Added Remarks
HulkSmashU Oct-5-2014 17 posts

All rights reserved.

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