Many people did not dare to take the risk of investing in the randomly dropping Sacrifice Hero Card, but I have some good news for you, its actually not a bad gamble at all!

The drops are actually pretty good, as it drops the following: Spot 1: 2 blue essences OR 1 purple essence Spot 2: 3 blue essences OR 1 purple essence Spot 3: 4 blue essences OR 2 purple essences Needless to say, on each of these 3 random drops, the chance of getting blue is bigger than purple...

This makes the possible outcomes of any random sacrifice card the following: 9 x blue essence (bbb) = 5400 skill exp (3.375 skill exp/merit) 6 x blue essence + 1 x purple essence (bpb) = 6600 skill exp (4.125 skill exp/merit) 7 x blue essence + 1 x purple essence (pbb) = 7200 skill exp (4.5 skill exp/merit) 4 x blue essence + 2 x purple essence (ppb) = 8400 skill exp (5.25 skill exp/merit) 5 x blue essence + 2 x purple essence (bbp) = 9000 skill exp (5.625 skill exp/merit) 2 x blue essence + 3 x purple essence (bpp) = 10200 skill exp (6.375 skill exp/merit) 3 x blue essence + 3 x purple essence (pbp) = 10800 skill exp (6.75 skill exp/merit) 4 x purple essence (ppp) = 12000 skill exp (7.5 skill exp/merit)

Since you require to gain 6400-7200 skill exp to break even against the slime essence/shard offers in the warehouse, there is only 1 scenario where you are not better off (the blues only). Now of course that scenario will also have the highest chance of happening, but after opening 4 of these packs, my results have been 5400, 5400, 10200 and 10800 respectively, for an average of 7950 skill exp per pack, which is actually a pretty nice deal.

And frankly, worst case scenario you get 5400 skill exp for 1600 merits, or 3.375 skill exp/merit.

Thats not that much worse than... a 10 shards pack for 55 merits (3.64 skill exp/merit) or 10 green essences for 250 merits (4.0 skill exp/merit), or a 50 shards pack for 250 merits (4.00 skill exp/merit) or 2 blue essences for 270 merits (4.44 skill exp/merit) or a 200 shards pack for 900 merits (4.44 skill exp/merit) or 1 purple essence for 670 merits (4.48 skill exp/merit)

So whats your downside, really...?

If you are in the market to spend your merits on anything that helps you skill up your heroes (like me), then you wont be disappointed buying these nice yellowish cards for that sharp price of 1600 merits. Dont let them get away!

Sacrifice card
Sacrifice card2

source: sacrifice cards



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