1. The main interface    1.1 The entrance of a new world         

A portal to the new world has been added at the right side of the base. Click to enter.

1.2 The new interface of the new world         

Nice new resources can be found in the new interface. 2)

1) Experience of the world: The experience increase everytime you move. The map will expand as you level.   

2) Energy: Use it every time you move a table and can be recovered after a period of time.     

3) Blue Crystals : Used to study inscriptions.    

4) Red Crystals : Used to combine peaks and improve the level of the blue crystals on a piece of land. The number of blue crystals that can be collected from a piece of land can be increased by increasing its level.    

5 ) Edit Team : Used to edit the team of heroes participants.    While exploring the New World , the power will be deployed to increase your level. As you raise your level, the area that can be explored expand.

New game mode
Portal for new world
New world battlefield

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WATCH: New world - youtube


1. About Inscriptions & Crests

1.1 Inscriptions Inscriptions are unlocked when the Hero reaches Star Level 4. The Inscription Level can be increased by using resources found in the New World.

1.2 Crests: - Crest slots are unlocked when the Inscription has reached Level 21. - Crests are used for inlaying. - Crests boost certain Hero Attributes. - Having a full set of Crests will activate the set Attribute (a second Talent).

Both Inscriptions and Crests can boost a Hero’s HP and ATK.

2. How to Get Crests Crests can be obtained from the New World. To enter the New World, after the New World update is released, tap on the broken bridge at the top right of your base.

3. About Crests Crests can be combined or inlaid.

3.1 Crest Attributes - Crests have basic HP and ATK Attributes. - The Attributes of the Crests equipped in the 4 slots are stacked. Crest Attributes are added to the Hero’s basic Attributes.

3.2 Inlaying Crests - Inlaying Rules: > There are 4 Crest slots: I, II, III, and IV. > Crests are also classified into 4 types: I, II, III, and IV. > Each Crest type belongs to a respective slot and can only be inlaid in the correct slot. > For example, a Type I Crest can only be inlaid into Slot I.

3.4 About Combining - Each Crest can be one of 5 levels. The level can be increased by combining Crests. - Increasing the Crest’s level will increase the Crest’s Attributes and raise the level of the activated Talent.

3.5 Combination Details - 4 identical low level Crests can be combined into 1 high level Crest. - Resources are used each time you combine Crests. The amount of resources required increases with the level of the Crest.

3.6 How to Combine Crests - Method 1: From the Warehouse, tap “Crest” then tap “Combine” in the sidebar to access the Crest Combination interface. - Method 2: From the Heroes Altar, select a Hero. “Combine” will be available on the Hero’s interface.

4. Activating Talents

4.1 How to Activate - The Crest Talent will activate when every slot has an inlaid Crest and the Crests are all from the same set. - Example: When every slot is inlaid with a “Revive” Crest, the talent will be activated.

4.2 Relationship between Crest Talent and Hero Talent 1. If the Crest Talent is different from the Hero’s own Talent, both Talents are activated. 2. If the Crest Talent is the same as the Hero’s Talent, the Talent effect will not stack and only the higher level Talent will activate. 3. If the levels of the Crests used to activate the Talent are different, only the lower-level Talent will be activated. For example, in the case of activating the “Revive” Talent, if the Crest in Slot III is Lv 4, while the Crests in Slots I, II and IV are Lv 1, only Lv 1 Revive will be activated.

Explore the New World and find out which Crest Talent is perfect for your Hero!

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