Many of you has been asking and been posting on forum threads how many shards do u need to level up a Legendary heroes' skill at a certain level.. The answer is here..

amount of skill experience ÷20=shards

Skill level and shards.

Level of Skills Amount of Experience skills Number of shards required
1/10-2/10 2,000 skill experience 100 shards Shard.png
2/10-3/10 10,000 skill experience 500 shards Shard.png
3/10-4/10 30,000 skill experience 1500 shards Shard.png
4/10-5/10 70,000 skill experience 3,500 shards Shard.png
5/10-6/10 120,000 skill experience 6,000 shards Shard.png
6/10-7/10 200,000 skill experience 10,000 shards Shard.png
7/10-8/10 500,000 skill experience 25,000 shards Shard.png
8/10-9/10 800,000 skill experience 40,000 shardsShard.png
9/10-10/10 1,600,000 skill experience 80,000 shardsShard.png
10/10-10/10 - Total=166,600 shardsShard.png

  • Actually.. Slimes, Crystal Ooze and Gelatinous Champion or Essense are same price with exp value. You need 166,600 shards to get 10/10 skill lvl.

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