Are u having a problem dealing Boss 3 because of not having a gem heroes like PD

Here is your chance now to do a high damage using a particular heroes even without the mentioned Gem Heroes only.

Please watch the video as it will help u deal with Boss Fight Tier 3 even with out those Gem Heroes yet fulfilling the needs for high damage dealth upon the fight.

Video No#1 

Castle Clash Tier 3 boss chain stun without pd or cupid02:11

Castle Clash Tier 3 boss chain stun without pd or cupid

Perma Stun in Boss 3 with out PD

On this video shows how to permastun even with out PD and using Druid, Thunder God, Champion, Immortep and Executioner. Pay attention and study the video carefully on how to win, and when and where to "DROP" your heroes during the battle. It is important u know the proper way of DROPPING them on the map.

Video No#2

Castle clash boss t3 without pd and cupid-008:12

Castle clash boss t3 without pd and cupid-0

strategy guide

On this Video, shows the 6 hero basis where player can use 6 heroes using debuff and defense. Though this video dont give the full details of with out gem heroes but its clear using without PD. The first 0:00 secs to 0:50 secs of the video shows how to use debuffs and defense. The second 0:53 secs to 1:49 mins of the video shows 2862289 million damage created upon using 6 heroes such us succubus, shaman, druid, paladin, champion and cupid.  exif: thread

Vids: b3 no pd

Take note: I will update and add more videos and tips plus pictures for the boss 3 with out PD.

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