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    Guide to Beating Guild Boss 4

    Boss 4 info: HP: 800,000,000 ATK: 50,000 Skill: Instantly Kills a Unit Damage Cap: Receives Maximum of 20,000 damage Additional Skills: Immune to Stun, has a psyshield that regenerates every 0.2 seconds, Lvl 5 Condemnation Maximum Reward: 2000 merits (231M+ damage).

    There are four challenges that you need to overcome in order for a successful 3-minute round against this boss: 1) You can’t let him proc or your heroes will get picked off 1-by-1. 2) He can’t kill heroes with his normal attack, which is quite powerful without an attack debuff. 3) His psyshield regenerates every “tick” (0.2) seconds. This means that the first debuff will not take effect, but will break the psyshield so that other debuffs in the same t…

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  • Knightraven15

    Talent selection is critical to all late game formats. On this page we will explore the best talents for ALL Legendary heroes for each of the formats they are good in. This means there is quite a bit of content so it has been organised into drop down menus for each hero. As a general rule it is better to specialize with talents that focus on enhancing the strong points of heroes rather than trying to make up for their weaknesses. Utility heroes like Pumpkin Duke and Cupid don’t have relevant stat strengths and weaknesses so strategy for them is more flexible. Due to relative easiness of Raids, Dungeons and Hero Expedition in the mid-late game we don’t include these formats as part of our consideration for talent selection. This is because …

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    I get this info on the forum. This might help our readers here in wiki to understand the point of berserk with Celebrate stacks.

    I thought it might be helpful for everyone to see the new breakpoints for the level 8 berserk in a easy to view table. One interesting note is that it shows that 1000ms and 2000ms speeds are the only ones that benefit from the level 8 upgrade.
    This was generated by code and if you see any errors let me know. If anyone is interested in more data, with celebrate stacks.. for maybe one or two of the most common base speeds let me know.
    I also have included the 1000ms attack speed table including celebrate stacks, breaking out when the 200ms breakpoint is reached.
    Link to code written in Go I used to generate this https:…

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    1. Upgrade Talent (from: CC Taiwan Forum Only talent level 5 can be upgrade

    Upgrade Talent Need
    From Talent Level 5 6 rune talent * 10
    From Talent Level 6 7 rune talent * 10
    From Talent Level 7 8 rune talent * 10

    Rune Talent can be bought in prestige shop:  rune talent 6 = 300 prestise  rune talent 7 = 600 Prestige  rune talent 8 = 1.200 prestise

    2. Talent Level (From CC Taiwan Forum

    Talent Level  Effect
    Revive 1/8 Revive with 10% HP restored.
    2/8 Revive with 15% HP restored.
    3/8 Revive with 20% HP restored.
    4/8 Revive with 25% HP restored.
    5/8 Revive with 30% HP restored.
    6/8 Revive with 45% HP restored.
    7/8 Revive with 65% HP restored.
    8/8 Revive with 100% HP restored.
    Heavy Blow 1/8 Has a 10% chance to inflict Coma for 1.0 secs on target when attacking.

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    Guild Position

    Donation value

    Deputy Chief

    Chief appointed


    10000 +


    3000 to 9999


    0 ~ 2999

    Deputy Chief of rights: In addition to the dissolution and transfer of own coalition, the Alliance deputy leader have all the privileges of alliance leaders.  Elder Permissions: Offered alliance members. Union campaign: 1. When the leader in long-term offline feature will automatically turn on the tribal election. Other members can click the button to enter the UI election. (Boss off seven days, will automatically open election) 2. Offline more than five days of tribal members, which will not appear in the electoral lists (including the original leader) 3. tribe members each have a precious right to vote one time (they can not Give yourself vo…

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