• Kaadirkesen


    October 19, 2014 by Kaadirkesen

    Eterno Recruiting iOS CC players! 8400 Might Req, Daily T2 Boss - T3 incoming by time!

    Hai fellas! My name is Kadir, in-game Kladz. Me and dinmammapåpizza who is a friend of mine started this awesome guild 2 months ago and I can tell y'all Eterno has progressed fast & smoothly successfully.

    Eterno's rank is right now around 1100 but we'll reach top 300 as soon as we get in some good players who are willing to take out the best in this beautifully made game!

    - Boss Fight 14.00 everyday Server Time!

    - We donate shards daily - 15 per day - each week 105. 15shards x 7days = 105shards.

    - There is players from every continent, we want those who can make the time for the boss and torch battles.

    - Language and well behavior is a must. (English)

    And yes E…

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