Hi so I am trying to gain might and the best way I found is to inscribe to lvl 80 which is a quick and cheap way IMHO so I decided to create a table to show what you need: This is what I put on!

In Short the min. Requirements to get to each 'bump' are:

Requirement Total costs Stats Boost (Diff)
Lvl Hero Star Star.png Blue Crystals Blue Crystal.png Mana Mana.png ATK Ico attack HP Ico hp

Might Might.png

20 4 Star.png 3,665Blue Crystal.png 690,000Mana.png 207 2741 81
40 5 Star.png 15,019Blue Crystal.png 3,420,000Mana.png 570 7546 225
60 6 Star.png 48,286Blue Crystal.png 9,790,000Mana.png 1187 15727 471
80 7 Star.png 141,379Blue Crystal.png 21,400,000Mana.png 2212 29293 876
100 8 Star.png 14,672,380

Blue Crystal.png



3849 50990 1527

So this shows as long as my maths is correct and I understand the table correctly that you gain 876 might for an inscribed hero (min of 7 stars lvl100+) and it costs 141,379 Crystals and (not that I care that much) 21.4 Million Mana. which goes to show that it is much less than getting a new hero to lvl 80 than one to 82 from 80 without the might gain that goes alongside. What do you guys think?

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