• Guruoz


    July 15, 2015 by Guruoz

    LVL PD Druid SB Vlad Cupid TG Aries DK Orc Molt SM War SB Pixie Immo
    X X X X
    X X

    Stratgey tips for levels (heroes/talents to use and also those note to use)

    Best to farm Level J - even if you can complete some levels in HBM2. more bang for buck

    fairly easy

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  • Guruoz


    July 12, 2015 by Guruoz

    PD Druid SB Vlad Cupid TG Aries DK Orc Molt Mino SM War SB Pixie Immo GR SZ Groot
    Guruoz 9* 7/10

    9* 6/10

    9* 7/10 8* 7/10
    8* 4/10 8* 6/10 8* 6/10 8* 5/10 8* 7/10
    8* 6/10 6* 5/10 7* 4/10 8* 6/10 7* 4/10 7* 6/10 7* 4/10

    All dupes leave at lvl 20 to conserve HB

    Some specialist heroes like FW, Succy should be raised to X, skill Y and capped

    PD ,Druid are #1 priorities ? next - Cupid ? Vlad ? Santa ?


    Heroes to use, any special strategies, talent must haves to complete a level Level A - J Protect PD by keeping in center of base and not on edges. Also  Druid a must to heal between waves

    relatively easy

    Boss comes in... need to slow him down


    LVL Team
    Guruoz P PD, Druid, Santa,Molt,SM,Aries

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