2 am in the morning here at California. Sleep in the eyes, but willing against it. Been playing CC for about 1-1.5 years now. Might about 48K(ate heroes out of frustration). No PD yet.

For far too long, I have had Vlad,Santa,TG,Reaper,Immo,Druid and other legendaries and multiple dupes of all of these. Started hating CC. I used to see every single player having PD. Almost everybody has heroes of level 180 now :( Times have changed so rapidly. Evolved heroes are to be seen everywhere. Felt pathetic.

All this playing in my head and I decide to Switch Account for some reason. "Heck, lets check upon the ids I have never used in a long time." Switched to the 1st smurf. Never used any smurfs. Just created and left it as is. "Hmm. Lots of gems! Lets roll some" "Rolling, Rolling" PD! Numb.. no reaction. PD on a smurf! "OK, But I dont want to go back to a Lvl 1 TH base and start from there. Forget it. "I am really really doomed. It is CC's way of giving me the finger. Fine, so be it."

Switch to smurf 2. Roll. Vlad, etc. “I don’t really care about Vlads anymore. Have had so many for so long.”

Switch to surf 3. All crap legendaries. “All right. Lets call it a night. Lets head back to our sad and poor little base and live there miserably till the end of CC time”.

Switch to main account. See some 3k gems. “Why leave these few gems here? Why not spend all gems and be 100% sad and sleep on it?” “Seems like a good idea! Lets roll.” Rolling. No. Eww. Yuck. AC. Yuck. Smuck. PD. What. What. Whaaaaat! Speechless. Seeing the orange head made me almost feel as if life was suddenly silent. Calm. Slept. Woke up. Don't know what to say. Levelled him up. Game changed instantly. Everything just became so easy:( Started missing the No PD days. Not to mention the DeathKnight I rolled just a few days earlier seemed so insignificant.

So, now, I'll level him up pretty nice and add to the bad luck of the already unlucky ones, and wreak havoc on the lucky ones :) CC. Here I come.

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