• Chandra9shekar

    Recently lots of people spent lots of money in egg smashing event for Moltanica. I wanted to do little experiment just to see the odds of getting Moltanica in egg smashing events. The reason why castle clash players want moltanica so badly is because of its stats. Moltanica's skill and stats are on par with special legendries like Pumpkin Dike, Cupid, Spirit mage and Minotaur chieftain. Below is the analysis of such an event. Note that inorder to get more accurate analysis you need more than 1000 egg smash or atleast 100 egg smash data. But this will give you a hint on what to expect before you take the plunge.

    Disclaimer : - I am not responsible for any financial or emotional loss occurred due to the use or interpretation of the data given…

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