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Troops are the units that can be used in Raids, Dungeons and the Here Be Monsters Challenge.

There are four different Troop types with three tiers for each Troop type that can be hired in Army Camps.

If a unit dies while attacking another player, doing HBM or in a Dungeon, it will have to be replaced. This doesn't apply if your own base is attacked by another player while you're offline. Troops that dies in Raids on your own base will be regenerated immediatly afterwards. You can keep using Troops in battles again if they are not killed.

  • A complete list of all Troops and their information can be found in Troop List


Attack type 1

Normals troops attack Ground units only.

Guardian Hammer Dwarf Savage Ogre
Guardian Hammer Dwarf Savage Ogre


Attack type 2

Ranged troops attack Ground and Air units.

Hunter Centaur Shotgun Dwarf
Hunter Centaur Shotgun Dwarf


Attack type 3

Magic troops attack Ground and Air units.

Pyromancer Griffin Fairy Dragon
Pyromancer Griffin Fairy Dragon


Attack type 4

Destructive troops target towers first and have higher hitpoints.

Treant Mecha Man Ornithopter
Treant Mecha Man Ornithopter

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