• Hey. I am a kinda experienced player but I lost my main account. I started playing again in my small account and I had like 20000 gems cuz of the inactivity of a whole year lmao. I got Pumpkin Duke, Ronin, Grimfiend, Cupid, Druid, Orksbane, Beast Tamer, Lady Leo, Skull Knight and Vlad Dracula, and I do not really know what to do with my 5 hero bases rn. PD has lvl 5 revite and GF lvl 5 deadly strike. I would be really thankful if u guys can help me. Thanks.

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    • Hey there. Based on your current situations i would dare to say that every heroes mentioned have their important roles eventually. But, there are priorities to them which led to important end-game roles and better gaming experience. Your current team formation should include PD, Cupid, Ronin, Vlad, Grim and SK. Side note: Druid are important in end-game as well due to the attack buff. Side, side note: I can assure you the most useless hero is Orksbane above the mentioned heroes. 

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