• Hello guys,
    • Been looking for a lava team (or a place where I can find/ask for one), but didn't have great succes, so I thought I might ask it here, so here it is:

      I'm looking for a lava team. Time can be discussed.

      My main heroes for lava would be:
      • Tree, 160 evo, 8/10, 91 inscribed
      • Pd, 180 evo, 9/10, 90 inscribed
      • Gr, 160 evo, 7/10, 90 inscribed
      • Ice demon, 140+ (8star), 7/10, 90 inscribed (Revite 5/5 as talent)
      • Pk, 180 non evo, 7/10, 90 inscribed ( I got a dupe pk, 80 mill of exp in warehouse, so I can evolve him and take him to 160-180 when I want, so when I get a team I can do this )

    Got Blitz, Emblem, Eye and Axe all on level 5. Got revive 3 crest set and 7 level 2 revive crest sets (so almost an extra revive lvl 3 with enough lvl 2's left). Also got 2 revites level 3, If that's needed on Pd.

    I can also swap in a Grimfiend, Santa, Dd,.. instead of pd, depending on what's the best, but those are my strongest heroes.

    Contact me on Line id: matthiasc007 for more info

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    • You have a decent corner team, all except you should probably put Grimfiend in Pds place to remove the demons shield. What platform are you? Assuming its android, I cannot help you. But I figured id give you a suggestion. The key with lava is the team your with, just because something works for one team for exactly work for yours. It takes plenty of trial and error before forming a successful team.

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    • Depends, grim not really needed if you got 4 celestines and eye (+ even aries in most comps). Pd if there are not enough pd's (or with revite) in the comp, otherwise santa for that extra bit of dps.

      I already ran lava with some people, but too many quit so I need to look for a new team, I know perfectly how lava works, just looking for a team that needs a tree + id in their line-up ;)

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    • Hello. I have all heroes needed devo 3xept artica. Contact me if you ate still looking for a team

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