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Blankets an area with a snowstorm, dealing 6% of Max HP + 200 DMG and freezing all enemies in the area for 6s. Enemies who enter the area after the initial attack will take damage but not freeze.

Purchased SnowstormEdit

Purchase snow


Level Unlocks at RH Level Cost (Gold) Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Fixed Damage Damage HP% Effective Duration Might
1 16 90,000Gold.png 13d 1h 53m 1,900,000Gold.png 200 6.0 6 55
2 17 105,000Gold.png 15d 12h 36m 2,250,000Gold.png 400 7.0 7 165
3 18 120,000Gold.png 18d6h12m 2,650,000Gold.png 600 8.0 9 330
4 19 135,000Gold.png 21d 7h 6m 3,000,000Gold.png 800 9.0 11 550
5 20 150,000Gold.png 1,000 10.0 13 825

Snowstorm's LevelsEdit


Here are the Levels for Snowstorm

Unlock16 Snow1 Snowstorm level 2 Snowstorm level 3 Snowstorm level 4 Snowstorm level 5

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