Skull Knight
Skull Knight
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 0
Ico attack Damage: 240 (+12)
Ico hp Hitpoints: 3,200 (+160)
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 600ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD: 310
Ico ACC ACC: 171 [1.71%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
[612+] 336 (+12)
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [27,280+] 4,480 (+240)
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: 221 [2.21%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
[592+] 672 (+12)
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [50,840+] 8,960 (+360)
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: 325 [3.25%]
Skill Vengeful Sword Talent Revive
Skill Vengeful Sword:
Increases Skull Knight's ATK by [350%~800%] and limits DMG taken to [12,000~3,000] per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s.

The Skull Knight (SK) is a Legendary Hero. He has the fastest ATK SPD of all heroes, the fastest MOV SPD and has one of the highest amount of HP. Skull Knight comes with an inherent talent: Revive 8/8 (Revive with 100% HP restored).

  • Skull Knight is available by rolling gems Gem.png and in LHC.
  • Dove Keeper's / Pixie's / Arctica's / Grimfiend's proc can remove (deactivate) Skull Knight's DMG taken cap (DMG taken limiter) if they proc while it is active but their proc does not remove his ATK boost
  • Skin Skull Knight Icon
    Skull Knight has skin called Spartan Fury:
    Transform into a mighty warrior that protects the weak and fights for justice.
    Skin bonus: HP:+10000


Skills A table that details the statistics of the Skull Knight's Skill.
Evolved Skull Knight Icon
Level Description
1/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 350% and limits DMG taken to 12,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s.
2/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 400% and limits DMG taken to 11,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 2,000
3/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 450% and limits DMG taken to 10,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 10,000
4/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 500% and limits DMG taken to 9,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 30,000
5/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 550% and limits DMG taken to 8,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 70,000
6/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 600% and limits DMG taken to 7,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 120,000
7/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 650% and limits DMG taken to 6,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 200,000
8/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 700% and limits DMG taken to 5,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 500,000
9/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 750% and limits DMG taken to 4,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 800,000
10/12 Increases Skull Knight's ATK by 800% and limits DMG taken to 3,000 per hit for 10s. Has Lv 8 Revive. CD: 12s. 1,600,000
11/12 Currently unobtainable. Destiny
12/12 Currently unobtainable. Destiny
The skill descriptions are as they have appeared in the game. They may have been inaccurate or incomplete. Please read hero's description and any added [notes] for more information.

Hero Totem 5 Totem Detailed statistics of the Skull Knight's Skill for Totems.
Skull Knight Icon
Level Description
1/12 Increases ATK by 350% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 12,000 per hit for 10s.
2/12 Increases ATK by 400% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 11,000 per hit for 10s.
3/12 Increases ATK by 450% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 10,000 per hit for 10s.
4/12 Increases ATK by 500% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 9,000 per hit for 10s.
5/12 Increases ATK by 550% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 8,000 per hit for 10s.
6/12 Increases ATK by 600% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 7,000 per hit for 10s.
7/12 Increases ATK by 650% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 6,000 per hit for 10s.
8/12 Increases ATK by 700% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 5,000 per hit for 10s.
9/12 Increases ATK by 750% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 4,000 per hit for 10s.
10/12 Increases ATK by 800% for the allied Hero with the lowest HP near Totem and limits DMG taken to 3,000 per hit for 10s.
11/12 Currently unobtainable.
12/12 Currently unobtainable.
Max level of Hero Totem is currently 8.

Stats Basic detailed statistics (DMG, HP, MOV SPD and Might), by level, for the hero Skull Knight.
Skull Knight
Ico attack Damage
Ico hp Hitpoints
Ico movespeed Move Speed
Might Might*
(1Glowing starstar) 1 240Ico attack 3,200Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 84 Might 
 2 252Ico attack 3,360Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 89 Might 
 3 264Ico attack 3,520Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 95 Might 
 4 276Ico attack 3,680Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 100 Might 
 5 288Ico attack 3,840Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 106 Might 
 6 300Ico attack 4,000Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 112 Might 
 7 312Ico attack 4,160Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 117 Might 
 8 324Ico attack 4,320Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 123 Might 
 9 336Ico attack 4,480Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 129 Might 
 10 348Ico attack 4,640Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 134 Might 
 11 360Ico attack 4,800Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 140 Might 
 12 372Ico attack 4,960Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 145 Might 
 13 384Ico attack 5,120Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 151 Might 
 14 396Ico attack 5,280Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 157 Might 
 15 408Ico attack 5,440Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 162 Might 
 16 420Ico attack 5,600Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 168 Might 
 17 432Ico attack 5,760Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 174 Might 
 18 444Ico attack 5,920Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 179 Might 
 19 456Ico attack 6,080Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 185 Might 
 20 468Ico attack 6,240Ico hp 310Ico movespeed 190 Might 
(2Glowing starstar) 20 708Ico attack 9,440Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 192 Might 
 21 720Ico attack 9,600Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 197 Might 
 22 732Ico attack 9,760Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 203 Might 
 23 744Ico attack 9,920Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 209 Might 
 24 756Ico attack 10,080Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 214 Might 
 25 768Ico attack 10,240Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 220 Might 
 26 780Ico attack 10,400Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 226 Might 
 27 792Ico attack 10,560Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 231 Might 
 28 804Ico attack 10,720Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 237 Might 
 29 816Ico attack 10,880Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 243 Might 
 30 828Ico attack 11,040Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 248 Might 
 31 840Ico attack 11,200Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 254 Might 
 32 852Ico attack 11,360Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 260 Might 
 33 864Ico attack 11,520Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 265 Might 
 34 876Ico attack 11,680Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 271 Might 
 35 888Ico attack 11,840Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 277 Might 
 36 900Ico attack 12,000Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 282 Might 
 37 912Ico attack 12,160Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 288 Might 
 38 924Ico attack 12,320Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 294 Might 
 39 936Ico attack 12,480Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 299 Might 
 40 948Ico attack 12,640Ico hp 320Ico movespeed 305 Might 
(3Glowing starstar) 40 1,188Ico attack 15,840Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 307 Might 
 41 1,200Ico attack 16,000Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 313 Might 
 42 1,212Ico attack 16,160Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 319 Might 
 43 1,224Ico attack 16,320Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 325 Might 
 44 1,236Ico attack 16,480Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 330 Might 
 45 1,248Ico attack 16,640Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 336 Might 
 46 1,260Ico attack 16,800Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 342 Might 
 47 1,272Ico attack 16,960Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 347 Might 
 48 1,284Ico attack 17,120Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 353 Might 
 49 1,296Ico attack 17,280Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 359 Might 
 50 1,308Ico attack 17,440Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 365 Might 
 51 1,320Ico attack 17,600Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 370 Might 
 52 1,332Ico attack 17,760Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 376 Might 
 53 1,344Ico attack 17,920Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 382 Might 
 54 1,356Ico attack 18,080Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 388 Might 
 55 1,368Ico attack 18,240Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 393 Might 
 56 1,380Ico attack 18,400Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 399 Might 
 57 1,392Ico attack 18,560Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 405 Might 
 58 1,404Ico attack 18,720Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 411 Might 
 59 1,416Ico attack 18,880Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 416 Might 
 60 1,428Ico attack 19,040Ico hp 330Ico movespeed 422 Might 
(4Glowing starstar) 60 1,668Ico attack 22,240Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 425 Might 
 61 1,680Ico attack 22,400Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 431 Might 
 62 1,692Ico attack 22,560Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 437 Might 
 63 1,704Ico attack 22,720Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 443 Might 
 64 1,716Ico attack 22,880Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 448 Might 
 65 1,728Ico attack 23,040Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 454 Might 
 66 1,740Ico attack 23,200Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 460 Might 
 67 1,752Ico attack 23,360Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 466 Might 
 68 1,764Ico attack 23,520Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 472 Might 
 69 1,776Ico attack 23,680Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 477 Might 
 70 1,788Ico attack 23,840Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 483 Might 
 71 1,800Ico attack 24,000Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 489 Might 
 72 1,812Ico attack 24,160Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 495 Might 
 73 1,824Ico attack 24,320Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 501 Might 
 74 1,836Ico attack 24,480Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 506 Might 
 75 1,848Ico attack 24,640Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 512 Might 
 76 1,860Ico attack 24,800Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 518 Might 
 77 1,872Ico attack 24,960Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 524 Might 
 78 1,884Ico attack 25,120Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 530 Might 
 79 1,896Ico attack 25,280Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 535 Might 
 80 1,908Ico attack 25,440Ico hp 340Ico movespeed 541 Might 
(5Glowing starstar) 80 2,148Ico attack 28,640Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 546 Might 
 81 2,160Ico attack 28,800Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 551 Might 
 82 2,172Ico attack 28,960Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 557 Might 
 83 2,184Ico attack 29,120Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 563 Might 
 84 2,196Ico attack 29,280Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 569 Might 
 85 2,208Ico attack 29,440Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 575 Might 
 86 2,220Ico attack 29,600Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 581 Might 
 87 2,232Ico attack 29,760Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 586 Might 
 88 2,244Ico attack 29,920Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 592 Might 
 89 2,256Ico attack 30,080Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 598 Might 
 90 2,268Ico attack 30,240Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 604 Might 
 91 2,280Ico attack 30,400Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 610 Might 
 92 2,292Ico attack 30,560Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 616 Might 
 93 2,304Ico attack 30,720Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 622 Might 
 94 2,316Ico attack 30,880Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 627 Might 
 95 2,328Ico attack 31,040Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 633 Might 
 96 2,340Ico attack 31,200Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 639 Might 
 97 2,352Ico attack 31,360Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 645 Might 
 98 2,364Ico attack 31,520Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 651 Might 
 99 2,376Ico attack 31,680Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 657 Might 
 100 2,388Ico attack 31,840Ico hp 350Ico movespeed 662 Might 
(6Glowing starstar) 100 2,628Ico attack 35,040Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 668 Might 
 101 2,640Ico attack 35,200Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 674 Might 
 102 2,652Ico attack 35,360Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 680 Might 
 103 2,664Ico attack 35,520Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 686 Might 
 104 2,676Ico attack 35,680Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 692 Might 
 105 2,688Ico attack 35,840Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 698 Might 
 106 2,700Ico attack 36,000Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 703 Might 
 107 2,712Ico attack 36,160Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 709 Might 
 108 2,724Ico attack 36,320Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 715 Might 
 109 2,736Ico attack 36,480Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 721 Might 
 110 2,748Ico attack 36,640Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 727 Might 
 111 2,760Ico attack 36,800Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 733 Might 
 112 2,772Ico attack 36,960Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 739 Might 
 113 2,784Ico attack 37,120Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 745 Might 
 114 2,796Ico attack 37,280Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 751 Might 
 115 2,808Ico attack 37,440Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 757 Might 
 116 2,820Ico attack 37,600Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 762 Might 
 117 2,832Ico attack 37,760Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 768 Might 
 118 2,844Ico attack 37,920Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 774 Might 
 119 2,856Ico attack 38,080Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 780 Might 
 120 2,868Ico attack 38,240Ico hp 360Ico movespeed 786 Might 
(7Glowing starstar) 120 3,108Ico attack 41,440Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 793 Might 
 121 3,120Ico attack 41,600Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 799 Might 
 122 3,132Ico attack 41,760Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 805 Might 
 123 3,144Ico attack 41,920Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 811 Might 
 124 3,156Ico attack 42,080Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 816 Might 
 125 3,168Ico attack 42,240Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 822 Might 
 126 3,180Ico attack 42,400Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 828 Might 
 127 3,192Ico attack 42,560Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 834 Might 
 128 3,204Ico attack 42,720Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 840 Might 
 129 3,216Ico attack 42,880Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 846 Might 
 130 3,228Ico attack 43,040Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 852 Might 
 131 3,240Ico attack 43,200Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 858 Might 
 132 3,252Ico attack 43,360Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 864 Might 
 133 3,264Ico attack 43,520Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 870 Might 
 134 3,276Ico attack 43,680Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 876 Might 
 135 3,288Ico attack 43,840Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 882 Might 
 136 3,300Ico attack 44,000Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 888 Might 
 137 3,312Ico attack 44,160Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 894 Might 
 138 3,324Ico attack 44,320Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 900 Might 
 139 3,336Ico attack 44,480Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 906 Might 
 140 3,348Ico attack 44,640Ico hp 370Ico movespeed 912 Might 
(8Glowing starstar) 140 3,588Ico attack 47,840Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 920 Might 
 141 3,600Ico attack 48,000Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 926 Might 
 142 3,612Ico attack 48,160Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 932 Might 
 143 3,624Ico attack 48,320Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 938 Might 
 144 3,636Ico attack 48,480Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 944 Might 
 145 3,648Ico attack 48,640Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 950 Might 
 146 3,660Ico attack 48,800Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 956 Might 
 147 3,672Ico attack 48,960Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 962 Might 
 148 3,684Ico attack 49,120Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 968 Might 
 149 3,696Ico attack 49,280Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 974 Might 
 150 3,708Ico attack 49,440Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 980 Might 
 151 3,720Ico attack 49,600Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 986 Might 
 152 3,732Ico attack 49,760Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 992 Might 
 153 3,744Ico attack 49,920Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 998 Might 
 154 3,756Ico attack 50,080Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,004 Might 
 155 3,768Ico attack 50,240Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,010 Might 
 156 3,780Ico attack 50,400Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,016 Might 
 157 3,792Ico attack 50,560Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,022 Might 
 158 3,804Ico attack 50,720Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,028 Might 
 159 3,816Ico attack 50,880Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,034 Might 
 160 3,828Ico attack 51,040Ico hp 380Ico movespeed 1,040 Might 
(9Glowing starstar) 160 4,068Ico attack 54,240Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,049 Might 
 161 4,080Ico attack 54,400Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,055 Might 
 162 4,092Ico attack 54,560Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,061 Might 
 163 4,104Ico attack 54,720Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,067 Might 
 164 4,116Ico attack 54,880Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,073 Might 
 165 4,128Ico attack 55,040Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,079 Might 
 166 4,140Ico attack 55,200Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,085 Might 
 167 4,152Ico attack 55,360Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,091 Might 
 168 4,164Ico attack 55,520Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,097 Might 
 169 4,176Ico attack 55,680Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,103 Might 
 170 4,188Ico attack 55,840Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,109 Might 
 171 4,200Ico attack 56,000Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,115 Might 
 172 4,212Ico attack 56,160Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,121 Might 
 173 4,224Ico attack 56,320Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,128 Might 
 174 4,236Ico attack 56,480Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,134 Might 
 175 4,248Ico attack 56,640Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,140 Might 
 176 4,260Ico attack 56,800Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,146 Might 
 177 4,272Ico attack 56,960Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,152 Might 
 178 4,284Ico attack 57,120Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,158 Might 
 179 4,296Ico attack 57,280Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,164 Might 
 180 4,308Ico attack 57,440Ico hp 390Ico movespeed 1,170 Might 
(10Glowing starstar) 180 4,548Ico attack 60,640Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,180 Might 
 181 4,560Ico attack 60,800Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,186 Might 
 182 4,572Ico attack 60,960Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,192 Might 
 183 4,584Ico attack 61,120Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,198 Might 
 184 4,596Ico attack 61,280Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,204 Might 
 185 4,608Ico attack 61,440Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,211 Might 
 186 4,620Ico attack 61,600Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,217 Might 
 187 4,632Ico attack 61,760Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,223 Might 
 188 4,644Ico attack 61,920Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,229 Might 
 189 4,656Ico attack 62,080Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,235 Might 
 190 4,668Ico attack 62,240Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,241 Might 
 191 4,680Ico attack 62,400Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,247 Might 
 192 4,692Ico attack 62,560Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,253 Might 
 193 4,704Ico attack 62,720Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,260 Might 
 194 4,716Ico attack 62,880Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,266 Might 
 195 4,728Ico attack 63,040Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,272 Might 
 196 4,740Ico attack 63,200Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,278 Might 
 197 4,752Ico attack 63,360Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,284 Might 
 198 4,764Ico attack 63,520Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,290 Might 
 199 4,776Ico attack 63,680Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,296 Might 
 200 4,788Ico attack 63,840Ico hp 400Ico movespeed 1,302 Might 
* Shown Might is based on Skill, and Talent, at Level 1 and excludes inscription: