Having gained the use of firearms, the previously unstoppable Dwarves have become so unbridled that they challenge the authority of many heroes.

The Shotgun Dwarf is a Tier 3 Ranged Troop. It targets Ground and Air units.


Level Skin Damage Hitpoints Hiring Cost (Mana) Upgrade Cost (Gold) Might Increase Upgrade Time
1 Shotgun Dwarf 1 350 3,600 3,600 Mana.png - 150 -
2 400 4,200 4,320 Mana.png 1,003,200Gold.png 180 12d18h10m
3 Shotgun Dwarf 2 450 4,600 5,040 Mana.png 1,562,000Gold.png 210 15d7h24m
4 500 5,100 5,760 Mana.png 2,070,000Gold.png 240 18d8h53m
5 Shotgun Dwarf 3 550 5,500 6,480 Mana.png 3,340,000Gold.png 270 22d1h3m

Shotgun Dwarf Design HistoryEdit

Shotgun Dwarf Shotgun Dwarf v1.2.27
Current v1.2.27 and earlier
Shotgun Dwarf Icon Shotgun Dwarf Icon v1.2.27
Current Icon Icon v1.2.27 and earlier

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