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Shards Shard.png is a rare resource and can be used to purchase Heroes at the Heroes Altar, or to donate to your Guild for upgrades and benefits. Shards are earned by defeating Dungeons and successfully defending against the fifth wave of Here Be Monsters. All Dungeons have a chance to give the player Shards Shard.png if won, and Dungeons marked with a blue tower will give you more (but those rooms are tougher). With the new update, Shards can also be obtained from the Quest Board.

You can view your current Shard amount in two ways:

  • By selecting the Heroes Altar, click on "Enter" and after this on "Hire With Shards" - your current amount should be displayed in the top left corner of the window.
  • By selecting the Guild Hall, click on "Guild", choose the tab "Guild Donation" - your current amount should be displayed in the top.

When purchasing a hero with Shards, a player is able to choose the exact hero, instead of the game picking at random when the hero is purchased with Gems, Honor Badges or from Hero Cards.

  • Note that though Shards are the resource which is harder to get, it can be obtained in Dungeons or Here Be Monsters though it is not the same nor as easy to obtain as Gold, Mana Mana.pngand Gems Gem.png.
  • You can use Hero Shards to upgrade your heroes' skills by purchasing Sacrifice Heroes more efficiently than using Gems Gem.pngand Honor Badges. Sacrifice Heroes are Slime, Crystal Ooze and Gelatinous Champion.
  • With the recent update in Castle Clash Version 1.2.47, you can now earn Shards by completing some task quests in the Quest Board.
  • Shards serve as Guild credits in Guilds for upgrades, research and Boss Fights. It is converted as Guild Credits with a ratio of 1:1 conversion. ( 1 shard Shard.png = 1 guild creditCredit.png )
  • With the new update in version v1.2.52, you can now exchange/purchase Shards in 3 different packages by means of Merits, depending upon availability in the Warehouse.


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