Santa Boom
Santa Boom
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 3
Ico attack Damage: 260 (+13)
Ico hp Hitpoints: 2,000 (+100)
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 1,200ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD: 175
Ico ACC ACC: 173 [1.73%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
[663+] 364 (+13)
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [17,050+] 2,800 (+150)
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: 226 [2.26%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
[642+] 728 (+13)
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [31,775+] 5,600 (+225)
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: 337 [3.37%]
Skill Fireworks Bazooka Talent Self Destruct
Skill Fireworks Bazooka:
Deals [100%-690%] ATK and reduces[1] MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets[2] for 4s[3]. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.)

The Santa Boom (SB) is a class Mage Legendary Hero and has ranged attacks and Self Destruct Talent Self Destruct 5/8 (Deals 400% damage to nearby enemies upon death). The SB's skill, Fireworks Bazooka, fires two rockets / missiles that DMG the targets and increase their targets energy bars ever 0.4 secs over a 4 second duration typically maxing the targets energy bar in less than 3 seconds.

  • Santa Boom can only be obtained by rolling with gems Gem.png or by the Legendary Hero Card Legendary Hero Card
  • Skin Santa Boom Icon
    Santa Boom has skin called Santa Burglar:
    "You ain't fooling me with that mask! I'd recognize your belly and sack of presents anywhere!"
    Skin bonus: Attack+400 CRIT+120

Rocket / Missile (Fireworks Bazooka) Details

The Santa Boom (SB) fires 2 AoE (Area Of Effect) rockets (missiles) to random locations containing at least one enemy anywhere on the map.

Skill Rockets / Missiles:

  • each operates independently.
  • each do 10% of the total skill DMG every 0.4 seconds in the AoE over their 4 second duration. A targets energy bar will increase from each 0.4 second attack.
  • are limited to a maximum of 10[7] targets at 1/10 and 28 targets at 10/10.

Skill Slow Down (SD):

  • A SD is issued to a target each time the target is damaged by the rocket / missile (ie every 0.4 seconds and only to the target(s) being damaged) with each individual SD issued lasting for an estimated 2 seconds.
  • SD slows down attack speed and movement speed.
  • SD's stack, so they can accumulate on a target – ie a target can end up with many SD's at once with the resulting slow down equaling the multiplication of all SD's existing on the hero at the time.
  • SD increases by 2% per skill level with 1/10 = 10%[8] and 10/10 = 28%.

Because slow downs are repeatedly issued to a target every 0.4 seconds over the 4 second skill duration and the slow downs themselves have an estimated 2 second duration, a target can actually end up being slowed down for up to almost 6 seconds. This is because that once the 4 second skill duration has ended, the last slow downs issued still have their own estimated 2 second duration remaining.

After the skill proc has ended the target will speed up as each slow down expires, so although the total slowing down can last for up to around 6 seconds, the target will begin to quickly speed back up ever 0.4 secs after the skill expiration.


Skills A table that details the statistics of the Santa Boom's Skill.
Evolved Santa Boom Icon
Level Description Max. Targets
Slow down
1/10 Deals 100% ATK and reduces[4] MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets[5] for 4s[6]. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 10
2/10 Deals 150% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 12 2,000
3/10 Deals 200% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 14 10,000
4/10 Deals 250% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 16 30,000
5/10 Deals 300% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 18 70,000
6/10 Deals 350% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 20 120,000
7/10 Deals 430% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 22 200,000
8/10 Deals 510% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 24 500,000
9/10 Deals 600% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 26 800,000
10/10 Deals 690% ATK and reduces MOV & ATK SPD near 2 targets for 4s. Cooldown: 7s. (Hero has Lv 5 Self Destruct.) 28 1,600,000
The skill descriptions are as they have appeared in the game. They may have been inaccurate or incomplete. Please read hero's description and any added [notes] for more information.

Hero Totem 5 Totem Detailed statistics of the Santa Boom's Skill for Totems.
Santa Boom Icon
Level Description Max. Targets
Slow down
1/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 100% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 10
2/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 150% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 12
3/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 200% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 14
4/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 250% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 16
5/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 300% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 18
6/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 350% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 20
7/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 430% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 22
8/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 510% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 24
9/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 600% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 26
10/10 Deals a total DMG equal to 690% ATK to two targets and their surroundings. Reduces MOV SPD and ATK SPD of targets in the area for 4s. 28
Max level of Hero Totem is currently 8.

Stats Basic detailed statistics (DMG, HP, MOV SPD and Might), by level, for the hero Santa Boom.
Santa Boom
Ico attack Damage
Ico hp Hitpoints
Ico movespeed Move Speed
Might Might*
(1Glowing starstar) 1 260Ico attack 2,000Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 83 Might 
 2 273Ico attack 2,100Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 88 Might 
 3 286Ico attack 2,200Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 93 Might 
 4 299Ico attack 2,300Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 97 Might 
 5 312Ico attack 2,400Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 102 Might 
 6 325Ico attack 2,500Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 107 Might 
 7 338Ico attack 2,600Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 112 Might 
 8 351Ico attack 2,700Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 117 Might 
 9 364Ico attack 2,800Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 122 Might 
 10 377Ico attack 2,900Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 127 Might 
 11 390Ico attack 3,000Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 132 Might 
 12 403Ico attack 3,100Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 136 Might 
 13 416Ico attack 3,200Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 141 Might 
 14 429Ico attack 3,300Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 146 Might 
 15 442Ico attack 3,400Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 151 Might 
 16 455Ico attack 3,500Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 156 Might 
 17 468Ico attack 3,600Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 161 Might 
 18 481Ico attack 3,700Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 166 Might 
 19 494Ico attack 3,800Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 171 Might 
 20 507Ico attack 3,900Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 175 Might 
(2Glowing starstar) 20 767Ico attack 5,900Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 176 Might 
 21 780Ico attack 6,000Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 181 Might 
 22 793Ico attack 6,100Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 186 Might 
 23 806Ico attack 6,200Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 191 Might 
 24 819Ico attack 6,300Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 196 Might 
 25 832Ico attack 6,400Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 201 Might 
 26 845Ico attack 6,500Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 205 Might 
 27 858Ico attack 6,600Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 210 Might 
 28 871Ico attack 6,700Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 215 Might 
 29 884Ico attack 6,800Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 220 Might 
 30 897Ico attack 6,900Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 225 Might 
 31 910Ico attack 7,000Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 230 Might 
 32 923Ico attack 7,100Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 235 Might 
 33 936Ico attack 7,200Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 240 Might 
 34 949Ico attack 7,300Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 245 Might 
 35 962Ico attack 7,400Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 250 Might 
 36 975Ico attack 7,500Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 254 Might 
 37 988Ico attack 7,600Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 259 Might 
 38 1,001Ico attack 7,700Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 264 Might 
 39 1,014Ico attack 7,800Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 269 Might 
 40 1,027Ico attack 7,900Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 274 Might 
(3Glowing starstar) 40 1,287Ico attack 9,900Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 275 Might 
 41 1,300Ico attack 10,000Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 280 Might 
 42 1,313Ico attack 10,100Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 285 Might 
 43 1,326Ico attack 10,200Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 290 Might 
 44 1,339Ico attack 10,300Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 295 Might 
 45 1,352Ico attack 10,400Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 300 Might 
 46 1,365Ico attack 10,500Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 305 Might 
 47 1,378Ico attack 10,600Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 310 Might 
 48 1,391Ico attack 10,700Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 315 Might 
 49 1,404Ico attack 10,800Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 319 Might 
 50 1,417Ico attack 10,900Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 324 Might 
 51 1,430Ico attack 11,000Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 329 Might 
 52 1,443Ico attack 11,100Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 334 Might 
 53 1,456Ico attack 11,200Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 339 Might 
 54 1,469Ico attack 11,300Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 344 Might 
 55 1,482Ico attack 11,400Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 349 Might 
 56 1,495Ico attack 11,500Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 354 Might 
 57 1,508Ico attack 11,600Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 359 Might 
 58 1,521Ico attack 11,700Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 364 Might 
 59 1,534Ico attack 11,800Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 369 Might 
 60 1,547Ico attack 11,900Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 374 Might 
(4Glowing starstar) 60 1,807Ico attack 13,900Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 375 Might 
 61 1,820Ico attack 14,000Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 380 Might 
 62 1,833Ico attack 14,100Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 385 Might 
 63 1,846Ico attack 14,200Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 390 Might 
 64 1,859Ico attack 14,300Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 395 Might 
 65 1,872Ico attack 14,400Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 400 Might 
 66 1,885Ico attack 14,500Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 405 Might 
 67 1,898Ico attack 14,600Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 410 Might 
 68 1,911Ico attack 14,700Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 415 Might 
 69 1,924Ico attack 14,800Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 420 Might 
 70 1,937Ico attack 14,900Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 425 Might 
 71 1,950Ico attack 15,000Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 430 Might 
 72 1,963Ico attack 15,100Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 435 Might 
 73 1,976Ico attack 15,200Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 440 Might 
 74 1,989Ico attack 15,300Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 445 Might 
 75 2,002Ico attack 15,400Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 450 Might 
 76 2,015Ico attack 15,500Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 455 Might 
 77 2,028Ico attack 15,600Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 460 Might 
 78 2,041Ico attack 15,700Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 465 Might 
 79 2,054Ico attack 15,800Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 469 Might 
 80 2,067Ico attack 15,900Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 474 Might 
(5Glowing starstar) 80 2,327Ico attack 17,900Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 477 Might 
 81 2,340Ico attack 18,000Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 482 Might 
 82 2,353Ico attack 18,100Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 487 Might 
 83 2,366Ico attack 18,200Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 492 Might 
 84 2,379Ico attack 18,300Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 497 Might 
 85 2,392Ico attack 18,400Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 502 Might 
 86 2,405Ico attack 18,500Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 507 Might 
 87 2,418Ico attack 18,600Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 512 Might 
 88 2,431Ico attack 18,700Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 517 Might 
 89 2,444Ico attack 18,800Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 522 Might 
 90 2,457Ico attack 18,900Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 527 Might 
 91 2,470Ico attack 19,000Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 531 Might 
 92 2,483Ico attack 19,100Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 536 Might 
 93 2,496Ico attack 19,200Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 541 Might 
 94 2,509Ico attack 19,300Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 546 Might 
 95 2,522Ico attack 19,400Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 551 Might 
 96 2,535Ico attack 19,500Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 556 Might 
 97 2,548Ico attack 19,600Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 561 Might 
 98 2,561Ico attack 19,700Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 566 Might 
 99 2,574Ico attack 19,800Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 571 Might 
 100 2,587Ico attack 19,900Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 576 Might 
(6Glowing starstar) 100 2,847Ico attack 21,900Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 579 Might 
 101 2,860Ico attack 22,000Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 584 Might 
 102 2,873Ico attack 22,100Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 589 Might 
 103 2,886Ico attack 22,200Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 594 Might 
 104 2,899Ico attack 22,300Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 599 Might 
 105 2,912Ico attack 22,400Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 604 Might 
 106 2,925Ico attack 22,500Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 609 Might 
 107 2,938Ico attack 22,600Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 614 Might 
 108 2,951Ico attack 22,700Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 619 Might 
 109 2,964Ico attack 22,800Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 624 Might 
 110 2,977Ico attack 22,900Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 629 Might 
 111 2,990Ico attack 23,000Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 634 Might 
 112 3,003Ico attack 23,100Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 639 Might 
 113 3,016Ico attack 23,200Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 644 Might 
 114 3,029Ico attack 23,300Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 649 Might 
 115 3,042Ico attack 23,400Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 654 Might 
 116 3,055Ico attack 23,500Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 659 Might 
 117 3,068Ico attack 23,600Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 664 Might 
 118 3,081Ico attack 23,700Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 669 Might 
 119 3,094Ico attack 23,800Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 674 Might 
 120 3,107Ico attack 23,900Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 679 Might 
(7Glowing starstar) 120 3,367Ico attack 25,900Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 683 Might 
 121 3,380Ico attack 26,000Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 688 Might 
 122 3,393Ico attack 26,100Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 693 Might 
 123 3,406Ico attack 26,200Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 698 Might 
 124 3,419Ico attack 26,300Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 703 Might 
 125 3,432Ico attack 26,400Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 708 Might 
 126 3,445Ico attack 26,500Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 713 Might 
 127 3,458Ico attack 26,600Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 718 Might 
 128 3,471Ico attack 26,700Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 723 Might 
 129 3,484Ico attack 26,800Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 728 Might 
 130 3,497Ico attack 26,900Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 733 Might 
 131 3,510Ico attack 27,000Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 738 Might 
 132 3,523Ico attack 27,100Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 743 Might 
 133 3,536Ico attack 27,200Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 748 Might 
 134 3,549Ico attack 27,300Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 753 Might 
 135 3,562Ico attack 27,400Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 758 Might 
 136 3,575Ico attack 27,500Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 763 Might 
 137 3,588Ico attack 27,600Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 768 Might 
 138 3,601Ico attack 27,700Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 773 Might 
 139 3,614Ico attack 27,800Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 778 Might 
 140 3,627Ico attack 27,900Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 783 Might 
(8Glowing starstar) 140 3,887Ico attack 29,900Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 787 Might 
 141 3,900Ico attack 30,000Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 792 Might 
 142 3,913Ico attack 30,100Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 797 Might 
 143 3,926Ico attack 30,200Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 803 Might 
 144 3,939Ico attack 30,300Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 808 Might 
 145 3,952Ico attack 30,400Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 813 Might 
 146 3,965Ico attack 30,500Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 818 Might 
 147 3,978Ico attack 30,600Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 823 Might 
 148 3,991Ico attack 30,700Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 828 Might 
 149 4,004Ico attack 30,800Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 833 Might 
 150 4,017Ico attack 30,900Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 838 Might 
 151 4,030Ico attack 31,000Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 843 Might 
 152 4,043Ico attack 31,100Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 848 Might 
 153 4,056Ico attack 31,200Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 853 Might 
 154 4,069Ico attack 31,300Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 858 Might 
 155 4,082Ico attack 31,400Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 863 Might 
 156 4,095Ico attack 31,500Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 868 Might 
 157 4,108Ico attack 31,600Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 873 Might 
 158 4,121Ico attack 31,700Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 879 Might 
 159 4,134Ico attack 31,800Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 884 Might 
 160 4,147Ico attack 31,900Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 889 Might 
(9Glowing starstar) 160 4,407Ico attack 33,900Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 893 Might 
 161 4,420Ico attack 34,000Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 898 Might 
 162 4,433Ico attack 34,100Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 903 Might 
 163 4,446Ico attack 34,200Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 908 Might 
 164 4,459Ico attack 34,300Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 913 Might 
 165 4,472Ico attack 34,400Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 919 Might 
 166 4,485Ico attack 34,500Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 924 Might 
 167 4,498Ico attack 34,600Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 929 Might 
 168 4,511Ico attack 34,700Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 934 Might 
 169 4,524Ico attack 34,800Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 939 Might 
 170 4,537Ico attack 34,900Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 944 Might 
 171 4,550Ico attack 35,000Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 949 Might 
 172 4,563Ico attack 35,100Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 954 Might 
 173 4,576Ico attack 35,200Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 959 Might 
 174 4,589Ico attack 35,300Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 964 Might 
 175 4,602Ico attack 35,400Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 970 Might 
 176 4,615Ico attack 35,500Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 975 Might 
 177 4,628Ico attack 35,600Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 980 Might 
 178 4,641Ico attack 35,700Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 985 Might 
 179 4,654Ico attack 35,800Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 990 Might 
 180 4,667Ico attack 35,900Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 995 Might 
(10Glowing starstar) 180 4,927Ico attack 37,900Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,000 Might 
 181 4,940Ico attack 38,000Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,005 Might 
 182 4,953Ico attack 38,100Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,010 Might 
 183 4,966Ico attack 38,200Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,015 Might 
 184 4,979Ico attack 38,300Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,020 Might 
 185 4,992Ico attack 38,400Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,026 Might 
 186 5,005Ico attack 38,500Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,031 Might 
 187 5,018Ico attack 38,600Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,036 Might 
 188 5,031Ico attack 38,700Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,041 Might 
 189 5,044Ico attack 38,800Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,046 Might 
 190 5,057Ico attack 38,900Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,051 Might 
 191 5,070Ico attack 39,000Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,056 Might 
 192 5,083Ico attack 39,100Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,061 Might 
 193 5,096