Pumpkin Duke
Pumpkin Duke
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 0
Ico attack Damage: 280 (+14)
Ico hp Hitpoints: 1,500 (+75)
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 1,000ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD: 170
Ico ACC ACC: 180 [1.8%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
[714+] 392 (+14)
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [12,788+] 2,100 (+112)
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: 237 [2.37%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
[691+] 784 (+14)
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [23,832+] 4,200 (+168)
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: 355 [3.55%]
Skill Celebrate
Skill Celebrate:
Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by [10%~55%] for 8 secs.

The Pumpkin Duke (PD) is a Legendary Hero. He is a Physical damage dealer and has melee attacks. His Skill Celebrate increases damage, attack speed and movement speed of all allies by a certain percentage dictated by skill level for 8 seconds.

  • Pumpkin Duke can only be obtained through rolling with Gems Gem.png and Legendary Hero Card Legendary Hero Card.
  • His skill does stack; He will buff the current stat and not the original stat.
  • Pumpkin Duke's skill Celebrate, affects all ally heroes and troops in the whole map. This means it has unlimited range of skill effect unlike Druid's healing which cannot heal allies that are too far away from Druid.
  • He and Michael are the only heroes that can increase the attack speed (APS - Attacks Per Second) of other heroes.
  • Skin Pumpkin Duke Icon
    Pumpkin Duke has skin called Smashin Pumpkin:
    Get your Halloween spirit on and rock the house down this witching hour!
    Skin bonus: HP:+50000 Dodge:+650


Skills A table that details the statistics of the Pumpkin Duke's Skill.
Evolved Pumpkin Duke Icon
Level Description
1/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate[1], and MOV SPD of allies by 10% for 8 secs.
2/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 15% for 8 secs. 2,000
3/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 20% for 8 secs. 10,000
4/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 25% for 8 secs. 30,000
5/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 30% for 8 secs. 70,000
6/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 35% for 8 secs. 120,000
7/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 40% for 8 secs. 200,000
8/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 45% for 8 secs. 500,000
9/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 50% for 8 secs. 800,000
10/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 55% for 8 secs. 1,600,000
The skill descriptions are as they have appeared in the game. They may have been inaccurate or incomplete. Please read hero's description and any added [notes] for more information.

Hero Totem 5 Totem Detailed statistics of the Pumpkin Duke's Skill for Totems.
Pumpkin Duke Icon
Level Description
1/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate[1], and MOV SPD of allies by 10% for 8 secs.
2/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 15% for 8 secs.
3/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 20% for 8 secs.
4/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 25% for 8 secs.
5/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 30% for 8 secs.
6/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 35% for 8 secs.
7/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 40% for 8 secs.
8/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 45% for 8 secs.
9/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 50% for 8 secs.
10/10 Increases ATK, ATK rate, and MOV SPD of allies by 55% for 8 secs.
Max level of Hero Totem is currently 8.

Stats Basic detailed statistics (DMG, HP, MOV SPD and Might), by level, for the hero Pumpkin Duke.
Pumpkin Duke
Ico attack Damage
Ico hp Hitpoints
Ico movespeed Move Speed
Might Might*
(1Glowing starstar) 1 280Ico attack 1,500Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 83 Might 
 2 294Ico attack 1,575Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 88 Might 
 3 308Ico attack 1,650Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 93 Might 
 4 322Ico attack 1,725Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 97 Might 
 5 336Ico attack 1,800Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 102 Might 
 6 350Ico attack 1,875Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 107 Might 
 7 364Ico attack 1,950Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 112 Might 
 8 378Ico attack 2,025Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 117 Might 
 9 392Ico attack 2,100Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 122 Might 
 10 406Ico attack 2,175Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 126 Might 
 11 420Ico attack 2,250Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 131 Might 
 12 434Ico attack 2,325Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 136 Might 
 13 448Ico attack 2,400Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 141 Might 
 14 462Ico attack 2,475Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 146 Might 
 15 476Ico attack 2,550Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 151 Might 
 16 490Ico attack 2,625Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 156 Might 
 17 504Ico attack 2,700Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 160 Might 
 18 518Ico attack 2,775Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 165 Might 
 19 532Ico attack 2,850Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 170 Might 
 20 546Ico attack 2,925Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 175 Might 
(2Glowing starstar) 20 826Ico attack 4,425Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 175 Might 
 21 840Ico attack 4,500Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 180 Might 
 22 854Ico attack 4,575Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 185 Might 
 23 868Ico attack 4,650Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 190 Might 
 24 882Ico attack 4,725Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 195 Might 
 25 896Ico attack 4,800Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 200 Might 
 26 910Ico attack 4,875Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 205 Might 
 27 924Ico attack 4,950Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 210 Might 
 28 938Ico attack 5,025Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 214 Might 
 29 952Ico attack 5,100Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 219 Might 
 30 966Ico attack 5,175Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 224 Might 
 31 980Ico attack 5,250Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 229 Might 
 32 994Ico attack 5,325Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 234 Might 
 33 1,008Ico attack 5,400Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 239 Might 
 34 1,022Ico attack 5,475Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 244 Might 
 35 1,036Ico attack 5,550Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 249 Might 
 36 1,050Ico attack 5,625Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 253 Might 
 37 1,064Ico attack 5,700Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 258 Might 
 38 1,078Ico attack 5,775Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 263 Might 
 39 1,092Ico attack 5,850Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 268 Might 
 40 1,106Ico attack 5,925Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 273 Might 
(3Glowing starstar) 40 1,386Ico attack 7,425Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 274 Might 
 41 1,400Ico attack 7,500Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 279 Might 
 42 1,414Ico attack 7,575Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 284 Might 
 43 1,428Ico attack 7,650Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 289 Might 
 44 1,442Ico attack 7,725Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 294 Might 
 45 1,456Ico attack 7,800Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 299 Might 
 46 1,470Ico attack 7,875Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 303 Might 
 47 1,484Ico attack 7,950Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 308 Might 
 48 1,498Ico attack 8,025Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 313 Might 
 49 1,512Ico attack 8,100Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 318 Might 
 50 1,526Ico attack 8,175Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 323 Might 
 51 1,540Ico attack 8,250Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 328 Might 
 52 1,554Ico attack 8,325Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 333 Might 
 53 1,568Ico attack 8,400Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 338 Might 
 54 1,582Ico attack 8,475Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 343 Might 
 55 1,596Ico attack 8,550Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 348 Might 
 56 1,610Ico attack 8,625Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 352 Might 
 57 1,624Ico attack 8,700Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 357 Might 
 58 1,638Ico attack 8,775Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 362 Might 
 59 1,652Ico attack 8,850Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 367 Might 
 60 1,666Ico attack 8,925Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 372 Might 
(4Glowing starstar) 60 1,946Ico attack 10,425Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 374 Might 
 61 1,960Ico attack 10,500Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 379 Might 
 62 1,974Ico attack 10,575Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 384 Might 
 63 1,988Ico attack 10,650Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 388 Might 
 64 2,002Ico attack 10,725Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 393 Might 
 65 2,016Ico attack 10,800Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 398 Might 
 66 2,030Ico attack 10,875Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 403 Might 
 67 2,044Ico attack 10,950Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 408 Might 
 68 2,058Ico attack 11,025Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 413 Might 
 69 2,072Ico attack 11,100Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 418 Might 
 70 2,086Ico attack 11,175Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 423 Might 
 71 2,100Ico attack 11,250Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 428 Might 
 72 2,114Ico attack 11,325Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 433 Might 
 73 2,128Ico attack 11,400Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 438 Might 
 74 2,142Ico attack 11,475Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 443 Might 
 75 2,156Ico attack 11,550Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 448 Might 
 76 2,170Ico attack 11,625Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 453 Might 
 77 2,184Ico attack 11,700Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 457 Might 
 78 2,198Ico attack 11,775Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 462 Might 
 79 2,212Ico attack 11,850Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 467 Might 
 80 2,226Ico attack 11,925Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 472 Might 
(5Glowing starstar) 80 2,506Ico attack 13,425Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 474 Might 
 81 2,520Ico attack 13,500Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 479 Might 
 82 2,534Ico attack 13,575Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 484 Might 
 83 2,548Ico attack 13,650Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 489 Might 
 84 2,562Ico attack 13,725Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 494 Might 
 85 2,576Ico attack 13,800Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 499 Might 
 86 2,590Ico attack 13,875Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 504 Might 
 87 2,604Ico attack 13,950Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 509 Might 
 88 2,618Ico attack 14,025Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 514 Might 
 89 2,632Ico attack 14,100Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 519 Might 
 90 2,646Ico attack 14,175Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 524 Might 
 91 2,660Ico attack 14,250Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 529 Might 
 92 2,674Ico attack 14,325Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 534 Might 
 93 2,688Ico attack 14,400Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 539 Might 
 94 2,702Ico attack 14,475Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 544 Might 
 95 2,716Ico attack 14,550Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 549 Might 
 96 2,730Ico attack 14,625Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 554 Might 
 97 2,744Ico attack 14,700Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 559 Might 
 98 2,758Ico attack 14,775Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 564 Might 
 99 2,772Ico attack 14,850Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 569 Might 
 100 2,786Ico attack 14,925Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 574 Might 
(6Glowing starstar) 100 3,066Ico attack 16,425Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 576 Might 
 101 3,080Ico attack 16,500Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 581 Might 
 102 3,094Ico attack 16,575Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 586 Might 
 103 3,108Ico attack 16,650Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 591 Might 
 104 3,122Ico attack 16,725Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 596 Might 
 105 3,136Ico attack 16,800Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 601 Might 
 106 3,150Ico attack 16,875Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 606 Might 
 107 3,164Ico attack 16,950Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 611 Might 
 108 3,178Ico attack 17,025Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 616 Might 
 109 3,192Ico attack 17,100Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 621 Might 
 110 3,206Ico attack 17,175Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 626 Might 
 111 3,220Ico attack 17,250Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 631 Might 
 112 3,234Ico attack 17,325Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 636 Might 
 113 3,248Ico attack 17,400Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 641 Might 
 114 3,262Ico attack 17,475Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 646 Might 
 115 3,276Ico attack 17,550Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 651 Might 
 116 3,290Ico attack 17,625Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 656 Might 
 117 3,304Ico attack 17,700Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 661 Might 
 118 3,318Ico attack 17,775Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 666 Might 
 119 3,332Ico attack 17,850Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 671 Might 
 120 3,346Ico attack 17,925Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 676 Might 
(7Glowing starstar) 120 3,626Ico attack 19,425Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 679 Might 
 121 3,640Ico attack 19,500Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 684 Might 
 122 3,654Ico attack 19,575Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 689 Might 
 123 3,668Ico attack 19,650Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 694 Might 
 124 3,682Ico attack 19,725Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 699 Might 
 125 3,696Ico attack 19,800Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 704 Might 
 126 3,710Ico attack 19,875Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 709 Might 
 127 3,724Ico attack 19,950Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 714 Might 
 128 3,738Ico attack 20,025Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 719 Might 
 129 3,752Ico attack 20,100Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 724 Might 
 130 3,766Ico attack 20,175Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 729 Might 
 131 3,780Ico attack 20,250Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 734 Might 
 132 3,794Ico attack 20,325Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 739 Might 
 133 3,808Ico attack 20,400Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 744 Might 
 134 3,822Ico attack 20,475Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 749 Might 
 135 3,836Ico attack 20,550Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 755 Might 
 136 3,850Ico attack 20,625Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 760 Might 
 137 3,864Ico attack 20,700Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 765 Might 
 138 3,878Ico attack 20,775Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 770 Might 
 139 3,892Ico attack 20,850Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 775 Might 
 140 3,906Ico attack 20,925Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 780 Might 
(8Glowing starstar) 140 4,186Ico attack 22,425Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 783 Might 
 141 4,200Ico attack 22,500Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 788 Might 
 142 4,214Ico attack 22,575Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 794 Might 
 143 4,228Ico attack 22,650Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 799 Might 
 144 4,242Ico attack 22,725Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 804 Might 
 145 4,256Ico attack 22,800Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 809 Might 
 146 4,270Ico attack 22,875Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 814 Might 
 147 4,284Ico attack 22,950Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 819 Might 
 148 4,298Ico attack 23,025Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 824 Might 
 149 4,312Ico attack 23,100Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 829 Might 
 150 4,326Ico attack 23,175Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 834 Might 
 151 4,340Ico attack 23,250Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 839 Might 
 152 4,354Ico attack 23,325Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 844 Might 
 153 4,368Ico attack 23,400Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 849 Might 
 154 4,382Ico attack 23,475Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 854 Might 
 155 4,396Ico attack 23,550Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 859 Might 
 156 4,410Ico attack 23,625Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 864 Might 
 157 4,424Ico attack 23,700Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 869 Might 
 158 4,438Ico attack 23,775Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 874 Might 
 159 4,452Ico attack 23,850Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 879 Might 
 160 4,466Ico attack 23,925Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 884 Might 
(9Glowing starstar) 160 4,746Ico attack 25,425Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 889 Might 
 161 4,760Ico attack 25,500Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 894 Might 
 162 4,774Ico attack 25,575Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 899 Might 
 163 4,788Ico attack 25,650Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 904 Might 
 164 4,802Ico attack 25,725Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 909 Might 
 165 4,816Ico attack 25,800Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 914 Might 
 166 4,830Ico attack 25,875Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 919 Might 
 167 4,844Ico attack 25,950Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 924 Might 
 168 4,858Ico attack 26,025Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 929 Might 
 169 4,872Ico attack 26,100Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 934 Might 
 170 4,886Ico attack 26,175Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 939 Might 
 171 4,900Ico attack 26,250Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 944 Might 
 172 4,914Ico attack 26,325Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 949 Might 
 173 4,928Ico attack 26,400Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 955 Might 
 174 4,942Ico attack 26,475Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 960 Might 
 175 4,956Ico attack 26,550Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 965 Might 
 176 4,970Ico attack 26,625Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 970 Might 
 177 4,984Ico attack 26,700Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 975 Might 
 178 4,998Ico attack 26,775Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 980 Might 
 179 5,012Ico attack 26,850Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 985 Might 
 180 5,026Ico attack 26,925Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 990 Might 
(10Glowing starstar) 180 5,306Ico attack 28,425Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 995 Might 
 181 5,320Ico attack 28,500Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,000 Might 
 182 5,334Ico attack 28,575Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,005 Might 
 183 5,348Ico attack 28,650Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,010 Might 
 184 5,362Ico attack 28,725Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,015 Might 
 185 5,376Ico attack 28,800Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,020 Might 
 186 5,390Ico attack 28,875Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,026 Might 
 187 5,404Ico attack 28,950Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,031 Might 
 188 5,418Ico attack 29,025Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 1,036 Might 
 189 5,432Ico attack