Obstacles consist of Grass, Rocks and Trees that appear on any new player's map. They act as impediments to areas where the player can place their buildings. Removing Obstacles rewards the player with Gems Gem.png. There is also an Achievement for removing Obstacles. Once removed they won't reappear. Buildings and Heroes cannot be placed and dropped on Obstacles respectively.

Grass and Trees can be removed with Gold Gold.png, Rocks with Mana Mana.png.

Grass 1 Rock 1 Tree 1
Grass Rock Tree


When you click the Obstacles we normally see an Icon. This Icon shows a sign of removing known as "Remove Icon"

Remove1 Remove2

  • Remove Icon for Grass and Trees - This icon is for removing grass and Trees. Its commonly shows as Gold Coin Icons with certain amount of gold Gold.png you can remove grass and trees obstacles.
  • Remove Icon for Rocks - This icon is for removing rocks. Its commonly shows as Mana Drop Icons with certain amount of mana Mana.png you can remove Rocks obstacles.


In this table, you can find the Obstacle removal cost.

Tree 500 Gold 1,000 Gold 5,000 Gold 10,000 Gold 20,000 Gold
Grass 500 Gold 1,000 Gold 5,000 Gold 10,000 Gold 20,000 Gold
Rock 500 Mana 1,000 Mana 5,000 Mana 10,000 Mana 20,000 Mana

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