Might Might.png is a measurement of your overall ability in the game, and it is used to determine your skill level in the Player Ranking list.

You can increase your Might Might.png by Building/Upgrading Buildings, by upgrading Troops, Spells, by increasing Heroes level, Heroes skill level and by leveling inscription of each Heroes.

You can decrease your Might Might.png by sacrificing Heroes at the Heroes Altar or replacing higher level Talents with lower level Talents .

Traps and Walls do not add to your Might level.

Max Might in categoryEdit

  • Max Building might = 5056 (Build and maximum upgrade all buildings)
  • Max Troops might = 6280 (Open and maximum upgrade all troops)
  • Max Spells might = 4875 (Open and maximum upgrade all spells)

Might from buildingsEdit

Might from TroopsEdit

Upgrading all Troops gives 6280 Might Might.png total. If no gems is used to speed up the process, upgrading all Troops to max level will take roughly 391 days (upgrading time).

Might from spellsEdit

Might from heroesEdit

You can increase a Hero's Might Might.png by leveling it and its Skill, or replacing its Talents, and also through Inscription.

You can view a specific Hero's base (excludes inscription) Might by selecting them in the Hero Base.

Might.png Might (excluding Inscription)Ordinary | EliteLegendary | Evo1 | Evo2 ] = ( Level * [ 2 | 3.5 | 5 | 6.3 | 7.6 ] ) + (Skill Level * [ 19.43958.578 | 97.5 ] ) + ( Talent Level * 20 )​ + ( ( Current Mov Speed - 198 ) * ( Level / 180 ) )

Hero Type  Might.png Might Formula (round down to nearest whole number, ie, INT)
 Ordinary Level * 2.0 + Skill Level * 19.4 + Talent Level * 20​ + (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )
 Elite Level * 3.5 + Skill Level * 39.0 + Talent Level * 20​ + (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )
 Legendary Level * 5.0 + Skill Level * 58.5 + Talent Level * 20​ + (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )
 Evo1 Level * 6.3 + Skill Level * 78.0 + Talent Level * 20​ + (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )
 Evo2 Level * 7.6 + Skill Level * 97.5 + Talent Level * 20​ + (MOV SPD-198) * ( Level / 180 )
  • Ico movespeed For most heroes the Move Speed per Star increase is typically 5 except for a few fast heroes where it is 10.
  • Might.png Might is rounded down to nearest whole number (ie, everying after the decimal place is ignored).

A Hero's Might  is calculated by the following: Level + Skill Level + Talent Level + (might from Inscription Level)

The Might Might.png of a hero is (2, 3.5, or 5)*(hero level) + (19.5, 39 or 58.5)*(skill level - 1) + 20*(talent level) + hero value. The (2, 3.5, or 5) and (19.5, 39 or 58.5) are for Ordinary, Elite and Legendary hero types, respectively. The hero value is might added depending on the hero, it's specific for each hero : For example, duc's specific value is 69 (Note that this value is different if you already have this hero, indeed , the first duc's value is 69, but all the next ducs' values will be 52.).The Might  shown in the hero base is this.

You also gain might by Inscribing a hero the details of which per level can be found at: Inscription at present this 'extra' might is not shown in the Altar or on the base - so is 'hidden'

Might InflationEdit

It is possible to quickly inflate Might Might.png by leveling up extra heroes and their skills or researching Spells and Troops that will not be used. There are both advantages and disadvantages to inflating Might Might.png.

Inflated Might

  • Nobility bonus in Arena.
  • More quests gives better chance of getting desirable quests.
  • Better rewards from certain quests.
  • More Merit's Merit and Honor Badges HB.png from Hero Expeditions
  • Better rewards from Guild War

Deflated Might

  • Easier raids against targets that have inflated might.
  • Easier quests.
  • Easier daily gems from raiding resources.

Source: Might Calculation

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