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Might is a measurement of your overall ability in the game.

You can increase your Might by Building/Upgrading Buildings, by upgrading Troops, Spells, and by increasing Heroes level and Heroes skill level.

You can decrease your Might by sacrificing Heroes at the Heroes Altar or replacing higher level talents with lower level talents .

  • Raid matchups are determined by Might.
  • Nobility Titles are based on Might

Max Might in categoryEdit

  • Max building might = 3725 (Build and maximum upgrade all buildings)
  • Max troops might = 6280 (Open and maximum upgrade all troops)
  • Max spells might = 4875 (Open and maximum upgrade all spells)

Might from buildingsEdit

Might from TroopsEdit

Might from spellsEdit

Might from heroesEdit

You can increase a Hero's Might by Leveling it, Improving it's Skill, or Replacing it's Talent.

You can view a specific Hero's Might by selecting them in the Hero Base .

A Hero's Might is calculated by the following: Level + Skill Level + Talent Level

The might of a hero is roughly (2, 3.5, or 5)*(hero level) + (19.5, 39 or 58.5)*(skill level - 1) + 20*(talent level). The (2, 3.5, or 5) and (19.5, 39 or 58.5) are for Ordinary, Elite and Legendary hero types, respectively. The might shown in the hero base is usually close to this.

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