The Magic Tower is an upgraded version of the Level 10 Watchtower. It attacks multiple (normally 3 without Garrison) targets at once and does full damage to every target.


In Here Be Monsters, Magic towers work very well. A high level green and blue garrisons will, when combined, provide a powerful stun lock on many enemies, and at high levels the towers will also deal great damage to onithopters if a high purple garrison is used as well. (Remember these towers get a bonus vs heavy armor) Currently, these towers are almost a complete necessity to pass HBM AA+. They are also an asset in team HBM, for much the same reasons. Magic towers do not stun bosses, however.

Magic towers are also highly recommended in Heroes Trial, as they help you deal with the huge waves of powerful hitters like Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, and Vlad.


Click Magic Tower and you will find 4 Icons.These Icons are Info, Level Up, Upgrade and Garrison.

Below are the following details of information regarding the Icons:

Info Levelup Upgrade Garrisson1

  • Info - an Icons that states information and details about Magic Tower.
  • Level Up -  gives you an option to upgrade your Magic Tower in a certain Levels.
  • Upgrade - is an option to choose/switch from 2 remaining special upgrade levels of Watch Tower which is Arrow Tower and Cannon Tower.
  • Garrison - is an additional features of the upgraded tower which can add heroes to make a powerful attack impact upon the towers upgraded.

There are another Icons which you will find once you Level Up your Magic Tower. These are the Cancel Icon and the Finish Icon. The details for Cancel and Finish Icons are as follows.

Cancel Finish
  • Cancel - if you want to cancel your Level Up process, you can do so by hitting this icon. It will notify you that you can only retrieve 50% of the amount you spend for the Level Up you have made.
  • Finish - is an icon where Gems are involved. If you want to finish instantly certain Level Up you have made, you can do so by spending the amount of gems shown on the top of the Finish Icon. Red number means that your gems stock is insufficient.

Upgrading TowerEdit


Upgrading Tower is an option where you can upgrade or switch to other special types of towers. Normally, when we upgrade a tower, we choose to level it up but somehow another option was to switch.

Arrowupgrade Magicswitch Cannonupgrade

This upgrade page shows up when we press the upgrade button along with leveling up the tower a player chose, an option was either to switch from present tower to another optional special tower available provided that it should be paid with the amount the tower level has attained.


Level Hitpoints Damage Range Level Up Cost (Gold) Level Up TimeTimer Might
1 9,000 210 17 140,000 Gold.png - 10
2 11,000 255 17 190,000 Gold.png 14h 20
3 13,000 300 18 260,000 Gold.png 16h 30
4 15,000 345 18 350,000 Gold.png 20h 40
5 17,000 390 19 450,000 Gold.png 1d 50
6 19,000 435 19 650,000 Gold.png 2d 60
7 21,000 480 20 900,000 Gold.png 4d 70
8 23,000 525 20 1,200,000 Gold.png 8d 80
9 25,000 570 21 1,500,000 Gold.png 12d 90
10 27,000 615 21 1,800,000 Gold.png 16d 100
11 40,000 660 22 2,100,000 Gold.png 20d 110
12 60,000 705 22 2,400,000 Gold.png 24d 120
13 80,000 750 22 2,800,000 Gold.png 28d 130
14 100,000 795 23 3,200,000 Gold.png 32d 140
15 120,000 840 23 3,600,000 Gold.png 36d

Source: New upgrade stats


Here are Magic Tower's specific information only. For general information about the Garrison feature you should check out the Garrison page.

Type Level Effect
Magic-tower-garrison-green 1 Increases attack rate by 10% (2200 ms)
2 Increases attack rate by 20% (2000 ms)
3 Increases attack rate by 30% (2000 ms)
4 Increases attack rate by 40% (1800 ms)
5 Increases attack rate by 50% (1600 ms)
6 Increases attack rate by 60% (1600 ms)
7 Increases attack rate by 70% (1600 ms)
Magic-tower-garrison-blue 1 10% chance to induce coma for 2s
2 15% chance to induce coma for 2s
3 20% chance to induce coma for 2s
4 25% chance to induce coma for 2s
5 30% chance to induce coma for 2s
6 35% chance to induce coma for 2s
7 40% chance to induce coma for 2s
Magic-tower-garrison-purple 1 Increases targets by 1, does 5% more damage
2 Increases targets by 2, does 10% more damage
3 Increases targets by 3, does 15% more damage
4 Increases targets by 4, does 20% more damage
5 Increases targets by 5, does 25% more damage
6 Increases targets by 6, does 30% more damage
7 Increases targets by 7, does 35% more damage

Garrison in depthEdit

Stun effect (inflicting Coma) stacks. The total chance can be calculated through the formula in the example below.

  • 4 Magic towers with level 3 blue garrison (20% chance to stun).
  • Each tower has 80% chance not to cause a stun on an enemy.
  • With 4 towers, that enemy has 0.8^4 = 0.4096 = 41% chance to avoid a stun. This means there is a 59% chance that at least 1 in 4 towers will cause a stun on the enemy.

So, imagine that you have 5 magic towers at level 3 blue garrison, you have approximately 67% chance to cause a stun, which means the enemies will be stunned twice every 3 hits from your towers.

5 magic towers at level 7 blue garrison give you 92.2% chance to induce a coma (nearly permanent stun). This is the real power of Magic Towers!

Magic Towers massive


Tier (Level) 1 2 3 4 5
Image Magic Tower 1 Magic Tower 2 Magic Tower 3 Magic Tower 4 Magic Tower 5
Tier (Level) 6 7 8 9 10
Image Magic Tower 6 Magic Tower 7 Magic Tower 8 Magic Tower 9 Magic Tower 10
Tier (Level) 11 12 13 14 15
Image 90x150px 90x150px 90x150px 90x150px 90x150px

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