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Raven heroes1

Heroes are a special type of unit and are essential to successful gameplay. A Hero can be placed on a Hero Base in order to be used in Raids, Dungeons, Challenge a Boss, Heroes Trial, or Here Be Monsters. Arena, Team Dungeons, Torch Battle and Heroes Expeditions do not need Heroes to be placed on Hero Bases.


Every Hero starts at Hero level 1-StarStar.png and is granted a random Talent in addition to their standard Skill. The only exception to this is when a 6-StarStar.png hero is awarded by IGG in special events.

Button Upgrade

Heroes levels are increased by gaining Experience in Raids, Dungeons, and Here Be Monsters or by consuming Tomes. At every 20th Hero level, a Star level Upgrade will appear requiring GoldGold.png, Honor BadgesHB.png and FiresFire.png in order for the Hero to gain additional Hero levels. Note that not upgrading star level will result in Hero no longer gaining experience.

Inscription icon

Heroes can be inscribed to boost their attack, health and might. Only 4-Star heroes and above can be inscribed. Each star level has an Inscription cap. At every Star beyond 4, you can gain 20 inscription levels, the max level is 100 after reaching 8-Star. After level 21, you can use Crests as a second Talent.

Heroes can be purchased and upgraded in the Heroes Altar. You can buy a Hero in different ways, using different resources:

  • Hire with HB
    Honor Badges HB.png: Gambling, gives a high chance to receive a Slime or Ordinary Hero.There is also a small chance that you can get an Elite Hero and an extremely low (nearly zero) chance of getting a Legendary Hero.

  • Hire with shards
    Shards Shard.png: Selection, you can choose which hero you wish to acquired by purchasing it. However, only certain Heroes may be bought with shards.

Spirit Mage, Minotaur Chieftain and Destroyer are rewards for purchasing specific amount of gems Gem.png and Moltanica, Arctica and Demogorgon are a reward from daily events.

You cannot have more than one of the same Hero fighting or defending in any game mode, but you can have duplicate heroes occupying Tower Garrisons.

Hero Expeditions allows you to select duplicate heroes for raiding, but will not allow more than one of the same Hero to be placed until the first has been killed. (Example: Two Thunder God may be selected, but only one Thunder God can be placed when raiding the enemy base given to you.)



Sacrifice Heroes are heroes that are used (consumed) to increase other Heroes' skill levels. They cannot be used in battles or for Tower Garrison purposes.

Slime Icon
Crystal Ooze Icon
Crystal Ooze
Gelatinous Champion Icon
Gelatinous Champion
Master Slime Icon
Master Slime


Ordinary Heroes have the lowest stats, but are inexpensive and therefore good for beginners. They introduce the player into the game, but are not especially strong. Each hero can be fully useful to players with much experience, but generally only fulfill tactical situations where skill effects overpower Hero health or damage.

Angel Icon
Marksman Icon
Hill Giant Icon
Hill Giant
Engineer Icon
Frost Witch Icon
Frost Witch
Dryad Icon
Alchemist Icon
Marauder Icon


Elite Heroes have mediocre stats. However, a few of them are on par with the lesser Legendary Heroes. Half of these heroes are very important for tactical use, due to skill effects, but not very valuable in Player-vs-Player and late game scenarios.

Executioner Icon
Assassin Icon
Werewolf Icon
Cyclops Icon
Pain-Da Icon
Shaman Icon
Serpent Queen Icon
Serpent Queen
Ice Demon Icon
Ice Demon
Triton Icon


Legendary Heroes generally have the highest stats and are among the strongest of all Heroes. Some of them can only be obtained randomly via Gem rolls or by in-game purchases.

Paladin Icon
Spirit Mage Icon
Spirit Mage[1]
Ninja Icon
Succubus Icon
Champion Icon
Druid Icon
Thunder God Icon
Thunder God
Pumpkin Duke Icon
Pumpkin Duke[2]
Minotaur Chieftain Icon
Minotaur Chieftain[1]
Grizzly Reaper Icon
Grizzly Reaper
Atlanticore Icon
Snowzilla Icon
Cupid Icon
Immortep Icon
Moltanica Icon
Aries Icon
Vlad Dracula Icon
Vlad Dracula[2]
Death Knight Icon
Death Knight[2]
Orksbane Icon
Santa Boom Icon
Santa Boom[2]
Pixie Icon
Siren Icon
Destroyer Icon
Warlock Icon
Treantaur Icon
Harpy Queen Icon
Harpy Queen[2]
Skull Knight Icon
Skull Knight[2]
Dread Drake Icon
Dread Drake[2]
Ghoulem Icon
Candy Kane Icon
Candy Kane[2]
Arctica Icon
Valentina Icon
Phantom King Icon
Phantom King
Beast Tamer Icon
Beast Tamer[2]
Lady Leo Icon
Lady Leo[2]
Grimfiend Icon
Dracax Icon
Medusa Icon
Demogorgon Icon
Trixie Treat Icon
Trixie Treat[2]
Revenant Icon
Lil Nick Icon
Lil Nick[2]
Michael Icon
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Can only be obtained by in-game purchases
  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18 2.19 2.20 2.21 2.22 2.23 2.24 2.25 Can only be obtained randomly via Gem rolls
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Can only be acquired through events


Boss are classified as Heroes too, but on the enemies' side. They are special heroes where designated on different features of the game. They cannot be used by players, but they can be seen on the assigned features like Here Be Monsters, Team Dungeons, Wretched Gorge, Here Be Demon and Challenge A Boss fights.

Centaur Scout Icon
Centaur Scout
Centaur Elite Icon
Centaur Elite
Centaur King Icon
Centaur King
Centaur Lord Icon
Centaur Lord
Demon Icon

Only in Chinese version

The heroes shown below are used for the Tencent Games version of Castle Clash:

Great Sage Icon
Great Sage
Juggernaut Icon
Kungfu Master Icon
Kungfu Master
Phantom Fighter Icon
Phantom Fighter
Exorcist Icon

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