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A Hero is a special unit which can fight in the Arena and must be placed on a Hero Base to be used in raids , Dungeons or Here Be Monsters.

Every Hero starts at StarStar.png level 1 and is granted a random Talent next to their standard Skill. Heroes can level up and gain Experience in raids, Dungeons and Here Be Monsters. At every 20th level a Star Upgrade must be purchased, otherwise the Hero won't gain any more levels.

Heroes can be purchased and upgraded in the Heroes Altar. You can buy Heroes with three different Resources:

  • Honor Badges HB.png: Gambling, gives a high chance to receive a Slime or Ordinary Hero. There is also a small chance that you can get an Elite Hero and an extremely low (nearly zero) chance of getting a Legendary Hero.
  • Gems Gem.png: Gambling, gives a very high (about 65%) chance to receive an Elite Hero, about a 10% chance to receive a Gelatinous Champion and about a 5% chance to receive a Legendary Hero. However, there is also a small (about 5%) chance that you can get an Ordinary Hero or (about 15%) Crystal Ooze. [1]
  • Shards Shard.png: Selection, you can choose the hero you want.

Heroes cannot be stacked, i.e. You can't have two of the same Hero fighting/defending which are placed on Hero Bases, but you can have duplicate heroes in Garrison Towers.


Sacrifice Heroes are used to increase other Heroes skill levels. They can't be used in battles or for the garrison.

Slime Icon Crystal Ooze Icon Gelatinous Champion Icon
Slime Crystal Ooze Gelatinous Champion

Ordinary Edit

Ordinary Heroes have the lowest stats, but are cheap and therefore good for beginners. They can introduce the player into the game, but they are not strong. 

Angel Icon Marauder Icon Hill Giant Icon
             Angel              Marauder Hill Giant
Engineer Icon Frost Witch Icon Dryad Icon
Engineer Frost Witch Dryad
Alchemist Icon Marksman Icon
Alchemist Marksman


Elite Heroes have mediocre stats. Although, some of them are on par with Legendary Heroes.

Executioner Icon Assassin Icon Werewolf Icon
       Executioner        Assassin Werewolf
Cyclops Icon Shaman Icon Pain-Da Icon
Cyclops Shaman Pain-Da
Serpent Queen Icon Ice Demon Icon Triton Icon
Serpent Queen Ice Demon Triton


Legendary Heroes have the highest stats and are the strongest Heroes. Some of them can only be obtained by Gem rolls (i.e. Pumpkin Duke, Snowzilla, Cupid) or in-game purchases (Spirit Mage, Minotaur Chieftain). There is roughly a half percent chance per Gem roll of getting a specific Legendary hero, or about a 50% chance after 172 rolls.   

Paladin Icon Champion Icon Succubus Icon
           Paladin            Champion Succubus
Druid Icon Ninja Icon Thunder God Icon
Druid Ninja Thunder God
Atlanticore Icon Grizzly Reaper Icon Immortep Icon
Grizzly Reaper
Spirit Mage Icon Minotaur Chieftain Icon Pumpkin Duke Icon
Spirit Mage
Minotaur Chieftain
Pumpkin Duke
Snowzilla Icon Cupid Icon Aries Icon
Snowzilla Cupid Aries
Moltanica Icon

Roster OrderEdit

In the Heroes Altar, Arena, Hero Bases, Hero Academy and Garrison, higher level heroes appear first in the roster. During Raids, Dungeons and Boss Battles, the order of heroes in the roster is fixed. Each new hero is assigned an apparently random ordering that never changes. Heroes are not ordered by name, level, skill, talent, order acquired, shard cost, or any other meaningful attribute.

Not releasedEdit

There are some heroes not yet released, but there are clues, for example the "Pirate Captain" is on the Loading Screen V1.2.24 and 1.2.25 as seen in the image below.

In fact, Pumpkin Duke has been the new model of Pirate Captain since the Halloween event, but now there are some rumors about Pirate Captain being a completely new and different hero from Pumpkin Duke that will be released in the future.

Pirate Captain Pirate Captain Icon
Pirate Captain Pirate Captain Icon

The next heroes are extracted from the Chinese version, but there are already pieces of them in English Version (skill, images, names...).

Simian Saint Icon Juggernaut Icon Master Monk Icon
Simian Saint Juggernaut Master Monk
Ghost Knight Icon Exorcist Icon
      Ghost Knight       Exorcist

And a glimpse of yet another characters extracted from chinese version.

Wushuang 100 Wushuang 200 Paladin-100 Paladin-200

Detailed InformationEdit




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