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Dungeons are AI-controlled bases that can be attacked to gain Gold Gold.png, Mana Mana.png, Honor Badges HB.png, Shards Shard.png, and Experience Exp.png . 

Completing a dungeon gives a chance to receive Shards . Dungeons marked with a blue fortress gives a higher amount of Shards. The exact drop rate of Shards is not certain, but judging from observations[1] there is a difference between completing a dungeon to 100% and only completing the dungeon by 50-99%.

  • 100% completion ~ 14% chance of Shards
  • 50-99% completion ~ 7% chance of Shards
Dungeon walk

Tip: A good strategy for leveling new heroes quickly is to enter a high level dungeon with both a strong hero and your new weak hero. The higher level dungeon will provide much more experience and it will be split evenly among both heroes, even if the weak hero dies. Or just send in the new hero with troops, then the hero gets all of the exp.

  • Note that you can return back to every Dungeons you have raided to collect more resources like Gold, mana, and shards. Drop rates of Shards can be obtained mostly and repeatedly every time you return back to any dungeon levels.
  • Compared to Raids, Dungeons do not cost Gold to enter (but have a limited entry rate), produce much less Gold and Mana (on average), do not cost Honor if lost, and produce generally more Honor if completed.
  • Completing Dungeons as part of the Quest Boards quest gives rewards like Gold, mana,HB and shards.
  • Now with the new Merit Badge trading in Warehouse , you can Trade Merits Merit for Dungeon Card which gives chance for Dungeon Entry.



When you attack a dungeon you decrease your number of entries by 1. The maximum number of entries you can store is 5. Whenever your number of entries is less than 5 they will replete at a rate of 1 chance per 20 minutes. 

If you have 0 entries remaining, you can spend 100 gems Gem.png to instantly get the full number of 5 entries back. However seeing as it only takes 1h40m to replete 5 entries, this is arguably a rather expensive way of doing things.


Click on a door to enter a dungeon and see what awaits you.

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