Price: -
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 1
Ico attack Damage:
Ico hp Hitpoints:
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 1,000ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD:
Ico ACC ACC: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [?]  
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [?]  
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Skill :

There is very little known details about this Monster. It leads fifth wave of the Here Be Monsters wave sets A-N and appears in fourth wave of Q-S. They may look weak in level, but they are much stronger and harder to kill than they appear. The green dinosaur Konglong 1 is in HBM challenge labelled A and F, purple  Konglong 2 in B,C,G and H, and red Konglong 3 in D,E,I and J. The skill it uses is similar to Pain-Da except the fact that the skill can hit flying units and can stun.

Based on known stats, different colors are just different stages of a single dinosaur.

Known stats:

HBM Level ATK Attack HP Ico hp
A 10 500 18,000
B 20 1500 38,000
C 30 2500 58,000
D 40 3500 78,000
E 50 4500 98,000
F 60 5500 118,000
G 70 6500 138,000
H 80 7500 158,000
I 90 8500 178,000
J 100 9500 198,000

(Stats based off of Atlanticore's and Succubus's proc)

( Stats of the dino in HBM 2 will be recorded soon! ( hopefully ) )


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