Death Knight
Death Knight
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 0.5
Ico attack Damage: 240 (+12)
Ico hp Hitpoints: 3,200 (+160)
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 1,200ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD: 175
Ico ACC ACC: 168 [1.68%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
[612+] 336 (+12)
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [27,280+] 4,480 (+240)
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: 218 [2.18%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
[592+] 672 (+12)
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [50,840+] 8,960 (+360)
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: 322 [3.22%]
Skill Meteor Slash Talent Revive
Skill Meteor Slash:
Deals [160%~600%] AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: [8s~5s]. Has Lv 5 Revive.

Death Knight is a legendary Physical class hero that uses melee attacks. His skill Meteor Slash strikes the nearest target at x% damage depending on skill level, damages nearby enemies, and protects nearby allies from one debuff for 4 seconds. Leveling up skill reduces cooldown times.

His proximity AoE attack and default level 5/8 revive comes in handy in many battles such as arena, HBM, raids, expeditions, dungeons, and Lost Realm battles. In raids and expeditions, his high hit points and 5/8 revive makes him ideal to be the first unit placed on the battlefield to divert incoming attacks while supporting troops and heroes pick off enemy units.

Death Knight can only be obtained through rolling with Gems Gem.png and Legendary Hero Card Legendary Hero Card.


Skills A table that details the statistics of the Death Knight's Skill.
Evolved Death Knight Icon
Level Description Immune Allies
1/10 Deals 160% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 8s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 2
2/10 Deals 200% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 7.7s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 2 2,000
3/10 Deals 240% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 7.4s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 3 10,000
4/10 Deals 280% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 7.1s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 3 30,000
5/10 Deals 320% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 6.8s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 4 70,000
6/10 Deals 360% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 6.5s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 4 120,000
7/10 Deals 420% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 6s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 5 200,000
8/10 Deals 480% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 5.5s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 5 500,000
9/10 Deals 540% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 5s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 6 800,000
10/10 Deals 600% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 5s. Has Lv 5 Revive. 7 1,600,000
The skill descriptions are as they have appeared in the game. They may have been inaccurate or incomplete. Please read hero's description and any added [notes] for more information.

Hero Totem 5 Totem Detailed statistics of the Death Knight's Skill for Totems.
Death Knight Icon
Level Description Immune Allies
1/10 Deals DMG equal to 160% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, two allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 2
2/10 Deals DMG equal to 200% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, two allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 2
3/10 Deals DMG equal to 240% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, three allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 3
4/10 Deals DMG equal to 280% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, three allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 3
5/10 Deals DMG equal to 320% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, four allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 4
6/10 Deals DMG equal to 360% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, four allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 4
7/10 Deals DMG equal to 420% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, five allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 5
8/10 Deals DMG equal to 480% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, five allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 5
9/10 Deals DMG equal to 540% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, six allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 6
10/10 Deals DMG equal to 600% ATK to nearest foe and its surroundings. For 4s, seven allies near the Totem are immune to one debuff. 7
Max level of Hero Totem is currently 8.

Stats Basic detailed statistics (DMG, HP, MOV SPD and Might), by level, for the hero Death Knight.
Death Knight
Ico attack Damage
Ico hp Hitpoints
Ico movespeed Move Speed
Might Might*
(1Glowing starstar) 1 240Ico attack 3,200Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 83 Might 
 2 252Ico attack 3,360Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 88 Might 
 3 264Ico attack 3,520Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 93 Might 
 4 276Ico attack 3,680Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 97 Might 
 5 288Ico attack 3,840Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 102 Might 
 6 300Ico attack 4,000Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 107 Might 
 7 312Ico attack 4,160Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 112 Might 
 8 324Ico attack 4,320Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 117 Might 
 9 336Ico attack 4,480Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 122 Might 
 10 348Ico attack 4,640Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 127 Might 
 11 360Ico attack 4,800Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 132 Might 
 12 372Ico attack 4,960Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 136 Might 
 13 384Ico attack 5,120Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 141 Might 
 14 396Ico attack 5,280Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 146 Might 
 15 408Ico attack 5,440Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 151 Might 
 16 420Ico attack 5,600Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 156 Might 
 17 432Ico attack 5,760Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 161 Might 
 18 444Ico attack 5,920Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 166 Might 
 19 456Ico attack 6,080Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 171 Might 
 20 468Ico attack 6,240Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 175 Might 
(2Glowing starstar) 20 708Ico attack 9,440Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 176 Might 
 21 720Ico attack 9,600Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 181 Might 
 22 732Ico attack 9,760Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 186 Might 
 23 744Ico attack 9,920Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 191 Might 
 24 756Ico attack 10,080Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 196 Might 
 25 768Ico attack 10,240Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 201 Might 
 26 780Ico attack 10,400Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 205 Might 
 27 792Ico attack 10,560Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 210 Might 
 28 804Ico attack 10,720Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 215 Might 
 29 816Ico attack 10,880Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 220 Might 
 30 828Ico attack 11,040Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 225 Might 
 31 840Ico attack 11,200Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 230 Might 
 32 852Ico attack 11,360Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 235 Might 
 33 864Ico attack 11,520Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 240 Might 
 34 876Ico attack 11,680Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 245 Might 
 35 888Ico attack 11,840Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 250 Might 
 36 900Ico attack 12,000Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 254 Might 
 37 912Ico attack 12,160Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 259 Might 
 38 924Ico attack 12,320Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 264 Might 
 39 936Ico attack 12,480Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 269 Might 
 40 948Ico attack 12,640Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 274 Might 
(3Glowing starstar) 40 1,188Ico attack 15,840Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 275 Might 
 41 1,200Ico attack 16,000Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 280 Might 
 42 1,212Ico attack 16,160Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 285 Might 
 43 1,224Ico attack 16,320Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 290 Might 
 44 1,236Ico attack 16,480Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 295 Might 
 45 1,248Ico attack 16,640Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 300 Might 
 46 1,260Ico attack 16,800Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 305 Might 
 47 1,272Ico attack 16,960Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 310 Might 
 48 1,284Ico attack 17,120Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 315 Might 
 49 1,296Ico attack 17,280Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 319 Might 
 50 1,308Ico attack 17,440Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 324 Might 
 51 1,320Ico attack 17,600Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 329 Might 
 52 1,332Ico attack 17,760Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 334 Might 
 53 1,344Ico attack 17,920Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 339 Might 
 54 1,356Ico attack 18,080Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 344 Might 
 55 1,368Ico attack 18,240Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 349 Might 
 56 1,380Ico attack 18,400Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 354 Might 
 57 1,392Ico attack 18,560Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 359 Might 
 58 1,404Ico attack 18,720Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 364 Might 
 59 1,416Ico attack 18,880Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 369 Might 
 60 1,428Ico attack 19,040Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 374 Might 
(4Glowing starstar) 60 1,668Ico attack 22,240Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 375 Might 
 61 1,680Ico attack 22,400Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 380 Might 
 62 1,692Ico attack 22,560Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 385 Might 
 63 1,704Ico attack 22,720Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 390 Might 
 64 1,716Ico attack 22,880Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 395 Might 
 65 1,728Ico attack 23,040Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 400 Might 
 66 1,740Ico attack 23,200Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 405 Might 
 67 1,752Ico attack 23,360Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 410 Might 
 68 1,764Ico attack 23,520Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 415 Might 
 69 1,776Ico attack 23,680Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 420 Might 
 70 1,788Ico attack 23,840Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 425 Might 
 71 1,800Ico attack 24,000Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 430 Might 
 72 1,812Ico attack 24,160Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 435 Might 
 73 1,824Ico attack 24,320Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 440 Might 
 74 1,836Ico attack 24,480Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 445 Might 
 75 1,848Ico attack 24,640Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 450 Might 
 76 1,860Ico attack 24,800Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 455 Might 
 77 1,872Ico attack 24,960Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 460 Might 
 78 1,884Ico attack 25,120Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 465 Might 
 79 1,896Ico attack 25,280Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 469 Might 
 80 1,908Ico attack 25,440Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 474 Might 
(5Glowing starstar) 80 2,148Ico attack 28,640Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 477 Might 
 81 2,160Ico attack 28,800Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 482 Might 
 82 2,172Ico attack 28,960Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 487 Might 
 83 2,184Ico attack 29,120Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 492 Might 
 84 2,196Ico attack 29,280Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 497 Might 
 85 2,208Ico attack 29,440Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 502 Might 
 86 2,220Ico attack 29,600Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 507 Might 
 87 2,232Ico attack 29,760Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 512 Might 
 88 2,244Ico attack 29,920Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 517 Might 
 89 2,256Ico attack 30,080Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 522 Might 
 90 2,268Ico attack 30,240Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 527 Might 
 91 2,280Ico attack 30,400Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 531 Might 
 92 2,292Ico attack 30,560Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 536 Might 
 93 2,304Ico attack 30,720Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 541 Might 
 94 2,316Ico attack 30,880Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 546 Might 
 95 2,328Ico attack 31,040Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 551 Might 
 96 2,340Ico attack 31,200Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 556 Might 
 97 2,352Ico attack 31,360Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 561 Might 
 98 2,364Ico attack 31,520Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 566 Might 
 99 2,376Ico attack 31,680Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 571 Might 
 100 2,388Ico attack 31,840Ico hp 195Ico movespeed 576 Might 
(6Glowing starstar) 100 2,628Ico attack 35,040Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 579 Might 
 101 2,640Ico attack 35,200Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 584 Might 
 102 2,652Ico attack 35,360Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 589 Might 
 103 2,664Ico attack 35,520Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 594 Might 
 104 2,676Ico attack 35,680Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 599 Might 
 105 2,688Ico attack 35,840Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 604 Might 
 106 2,700Ico attack 36,000Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 609 Might 
 107 2,712Ico attack 36,160Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 614 Might 
 108 2,724Ico attack 36,320Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 619 Might 
 109 2,736Ico attack 36,480Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 624 Might 
 110 2,748Ico attack 36,640Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 629 Might 
 111 2,760Ico attack 36,800Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 634 Might 
 112 2,772Ico attack 36,960Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 639 Might 
 113 2,784Ico attack 37,120Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 644 Might 
 114 2,796Ico attack 37,280Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 649 Might 
 115 2,808Ico attack 37,440Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 654 Might 
 116 2,820Ico attack 37,600Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 659 Might 
 117 2,832Ico attack 37,760Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 664 Might 
 118 2,844Ico attack 37,920Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 669 Might 
 119 2,856Ico attack 38,080Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 674 Might 
 120 2,868Ico attack 38,240Ico hp 200Ico movespeed 679 Might 
(7Glowing starstar) 120 3,108Ico attack 41,440Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 683 Might 
 121 3,120Ico attack 41,600Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 688 Might 
 122 3,132Ico attack 41,760Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 693 Might 
 123 3,144Ico attack 41,920Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 698 Might 
 124 3,156Ico attack 42,080Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 703 Might 
 125 3,168Ico attack 42,240Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 708 Might 
 126 3,180Ico attack 42,400Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 713 Might 
 127 3,192Ico attack 42,560Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 718 Might 
 128 3,204Ico attack 42,720Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 723 Might 
 129 3,216Ico attack 42,880Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 728 Might 
 130 3,228Ico attack 43,040Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 733 Might 
 131 3,240Ico attack 43,200Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 738 Might 
 132 3,252Ico attack 43,360Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 743 Might 
 133 3,264Ico attack 43,520Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 748 Might 
 134 3,276Ico attack 43,680Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 753 Might 
 135 3,288Ico attack 43,840Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 758 Might 
 136 3,300Ico attack 44,000Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 763 Might 
 137 3,312Ico attack 44,160Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 768 Might 
 138 3,324Ico attack 44,320Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 773 Might 
 139 3,336Ico attack 44,480Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 778 Might 
 140 3,348Ico attack 44,640Ico hp 205Ico movespeed 783 Might 
(8Glowing starstar) 140 3,588Ico attack 47,840Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 787 Might 
 141 3,600Ico attack 48,000Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 792 Might 
 142 3,612Ico attack 48,160Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 797 Might 
 143 3,624Ico attack 48,320Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 803 Might 
 144 3,636Ico attack 48,480Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 808 Might 
 145 3,648Ico attack 48,640Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 813 Might 
 146 3,660Ico attack 48,800Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 818 Might 
 147 3,672Ico attack 48,960Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 823 Might 
 148 3,684Ico attack 49,120Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 828 Might 
 149 3,696Ico attack 49,280Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 833 Might 
 150 3,708Ico attack 49,440Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 838 Might 
 151 3,720Ico attack 49,600Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 843 Might 
 152 3,732Ico attack 49,760Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 848 Might 
 153 3,744Ico attack 49,920Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 853 Might 
 154 3,756Ico attack 50,080Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 858 Might 
 155 3,768Ico attack 50,240Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 863 Might 
 156 3,780Ico attack 50,400Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 868 Might 
 157 3,792Ico attack 50,560Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 873 Might 
 158 3,804Ico attack 50,720Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 879 Might 
 159 3,816Ico attack 50,880Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 884 Might 
 160 3,828Ico attack 51,040Ico hp 210Ico movespeed 889 Might 
(9Glowing starstar) 160 4,068Ico attack 54,240Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 893 Might 
 161 4,080Ico attack 54,400Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 898 Might 
 162 4,092Ico attack 54,560Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 903 Might 
 163 4,104Ico attack 54,720Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 908 Might 
 164 4,116Ico attack 54,880Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 913 Might 
 165 4,128Ico attack 55,040Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 919 Might 
 166 4,140Ico attack 55,200Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 924 Might 
 167 4,152Ico attack 55,360Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 929 Might 
 168 4,164Ico attack 55,520Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 934 Might 
 169 4,176Ico attack 55,680Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 939 Might 
 170 4,188Ico attack 55,840Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 944 Might 
 171 4,200Ico attack 56,000Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 949 Might 
 172 4,212Ico attack 56,160Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 954 Might 
 173 4,224Ico attack 56,320Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 959 Might 
 174 4,236Ico attack 56,480Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 964 Might 
 175 4,248Ico attack 56,640Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 970 Might 
 176 4,260Ico attack 56,800Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 975 Might 
 177 4,272Ico attack 56,960Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 980 Might 
 178 4,284Ico attack 57,120Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 985 Might 
 179 4,296Ico attack 57,280Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 990 Might 
 180 4,308Ico attack 57,440Ico hp 215Ico movespeed 995 Might 
(10Glowing starstar) 180 4,548Ico attack 60,640Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,000 Might 
 181 4,560Ico attack 60,800Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,005 Might 
 182 4,572Ico attack 60,960Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,010 Might 
 183 4,584Ico attack 61,120Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,015 Might 
 184 4,596Ico attack 61,280Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,020 Might 
 185 4,608Ico attack 61,440Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,026 Might 
 186 4,620Ico attack 61,600Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,031 Might 
 187 4,632Ico attack 61,760Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,036 Might 
 188 4,644Ico attack 61,920Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,041 Might 
 189 4,656Ico attack 62,080Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,046 Might 
 190 4,668Ico attack 62,240Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,051 Might 
 191 4,680Ico attack 62,400Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,056 Might 
 192 4,692Ico attack 62,560Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,061 Might 
 193 4,704Ico attack 62,720Ico hp 220Ico movespeed 1,067 Might 
 194 4,716Ico attack