Centaur Lord
Centaur Lord
Price: -
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 0
Ico attack Damage: 50,000
Ico hp Hitpoints:
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 1,000ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD:
Skill InstaKill:
Instantly kills a unit.

The Centaur Lord is an enemy hero from Challenge a Boss tier 4.

Condition to Unlock: Guild Level 8

Cost to Unlock: 1000 Guild Credits

Immediate Re-entry Charge: 30 Credits

Damage Cap: Receives maximum of 20,000 damage

Passive Skill: Immune to Stun and has the Psyshield Talent

Additional Skill: Lv 5 Condemnation

Active Skill: Insta-Kill: Causes an instant Death for a Hero.

Centaur Lord Design HistoryEdit

Centaur Lord
Centaur Lord Icon

Current Icon

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