• Sannykonkhme


    July 16, 2017 by Sannykonkhme
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  • Elithas

    Hero Ideas

    February 5, 2017 by Elithas

    Post the hero name and the stats of the hero in this format:



    Ability: :

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  • Maximums1444

    Look Galaxy and Lord, we are blowing up the wikia with nonsense. If you wana talk to the almighty me do it on here. That way When I do not log in I dont have 10 notifications of Lord posing on each individual comment.

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  • Lord victorious

    So I just got a HQ. Great! I don't have a HQ. So I use the Harpy Queen card and immediately check out the hero altar for the talent. Guess what? It is...

     I never thought it was possible. An inherent talent of Revite on HQ who has inbuilt revtie 5. Just don't know what to say. 

    I thought th AI on IGG talent stuff was smart. But, I am disappointed. At least it was only revite 1, but I have only rolled it with talent refresh once. 

    How about I just put revite 1 as its crest talent too so this Harpy Queen would have the best talents ever?

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  • Vehox


    August 8, 2016 by Vehox

    Any questions?

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  • PumpkinDuke33

    I have Pd Tg Pk Immo Druid Pixie Dk which 5 should i use

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  • Japech


    June 23, 2016 by Japech

    What's up, Doc? 

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  • Orksbane2003

    I have 3 accounts which have good heroes, and im wondering which account should i give priority to?

    1st acc hero lineup: Vlad, DK, WL, HQ, Druid

    2nd acc hero lineup: PD, Tamer, DK, Druid, Triton ( dont have any other leggy )

    3rd acc hero lineup: SK, SB, Vlad, DK, Ninja ( Gonna replace him with druid probably)

    I recently got PD in my second account so i started giving it priority, but then today i just rolled skull knight on my 3rd acc. So now im completely confused. Any help is appreciated

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  • Orksbane2003

    Hey guys, im at th 11 and upgrading to 12. I am stuck at wave I mostly due to the presence of SM and PD. I am currently using a peon clover design which i modified a bit. My heroes are Vlad, DK, HQ, WL, Druid. All are 140 except vlad who is 156 now. Vlad and DK have skill 6/10 others have 5/10. My Vlad has lvl 81 inscription and WL has lvl 71 inscription. Others have lvl 61 inscriptions. So pls tell me which base design should i use for hbm I (and J if possible).

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  • Sniperpixie

    Hello again, Unicorn_Knights is sending out invites to anyone 5k might and up. To join me (Lithodora), Amaranth, and Failboat for Daily boss challenge @17:00 game time, Mesa 3, and Gorge 2. Our leaders are online daily and ready and willing to answer questions or give advice. Our guild is currently ranked #250 and rising all the time. We can access Boss 3 and can carry 60 members. Our current membership is at 53. Get new friends and help in defeating LR demon.      

    Our top three players have might of

    • 127207
    • 75057
    • 65677

    And we have a good number of 20-30k might players. Whether you're casual or serious find what you need with us. We're a friendly community of players. (We are on Kindle/Amazon server)

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  • Sniperpixie

    As stated in the title I'm curious on people's thoughts of what heroes perform best in totem. I know AOE and healing are key, but who really shines!? I personally find Immortep really good, but for my second totem I'm not quite happy. I've tried out SM and Orks, unfortunately I don't have a ton of options. 

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  • GalaxySwift

    I have a cupid and all the necessary hereso for permastun. I just need help on acheiveing permastun on one of my accounts with no pd. Thanks for any help.

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  • GalaxySwift

    should i use these heroes for my main team. pk, immortep, treantaur snowzilla or siren?

    my team is druid, vlad, pd ,and thundergod

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  • GalaxySwift

    I have about 5k more shards to save up to get a Phantom King, but I recently have my doubts and my pros. My guild friends say that it is awesome and yes I have seen it shooting O.D. fast and destroys enery of boss. But, it really isn't useful in raids and such. Such I switch it out with Siren?

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  • GalaxySwift

    We are a guild that is just starting out with so far, many generous shard donaters. We aren't expecting much, but we do boss and hopefully will reach the top 3000's with your help when you join. Our guild info:

    1. 3000 might requirement is necessary (this way, you can do decent damage to boss 2 and 3 and get to participate in mesas with me and other guildmates.)
    2. Participation of boss and mesas are required and plus, why wouldn't you want extra resources?
    3. Donation of 20 shards a day is a MUST. 20 shards is pretty little in my opinion so you are welcome to donate more such as my oher guildmates. 
    4. We are on a Android server. Reply your username in Castle Clash and when you would want to join.
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  • 007HaMeD007

    I need some help

    February 27, 2016 by 007HaMeD007

    Hi there , I need help , I have a question about how to Crete team with my heroes , for raids ,Dungeon,boss fight ,defend 

    My heroes : 


    nw help how i use this heroes in battle 

    Thx :)

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  • SCN03

    Base design

    February 27, 2016 by SCN03

    Hi i am wondering what is the best base setup for a level 17 town hall. Currently on hbm O-4 and heros are PD 166 5/5 revitalzie revive crest, immo 160 6/10 2/8 hb bulwark crest, sz 160 6/8 hb slow down crest, druid 160 3/8 revive berserk crest, dk 140 4/8 life drain war god crest and orksbane 140 5/5 condemnation revive crest 


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  • GalaxySwift

    Buffers and Healers

    February 22, 2016 by GalaxySwift

    I am wondering if there are any buffers in the game instead of cupid and pd and druid. can I get the names of some of these buffers? could be ordinary nad elite. I just want to know

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  • GalaxySwift

    Login For Castle Clash

    February 18, 2016 by GalaxySwift

    Recently, I started a new Castle Clash account on BlueStacks to try out and rolled a Death Knight and a Skull Knight. As you might have guessed, I was super duper happy. I played for 2 days on BlueStacks with my Windows 8 and now there was a message called, "UID not working." I linked my account to my Gmail account and it said linked and now I reinstalled Bluestacks and I want to have that accoutn back and I want to know how to log in to that account. Any help? Help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • GalaxySwift

    Okay, I have a Skull Knight and I have been using it and it is just epic. I got bored and reread the skill info on that hero and saw that there was a damage cap of 3000 (I'm 10/10 skill level) and I am wondering what does that mean and how useful that is. Thanks in advance!

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  • Witch of Blueberries Myrtille

    Hello all. My name is Lithodora in game. Our guild is on the kindle fire/amazon servers. We are looking to update our guild to more active members. Might required is 5000. Our guild is currently #270 our top three players mights are currently failboat 116,590 Amaranth our leader 61,476 and mine 55,173. Joining our guild will help you to beat here be demon teaming up with high might players. Also to do higher levels of team dungeon and team here be monsters. As well as daily boss challenge. Feel free to message Lithodora, Amaranth, or failboat. Or search our guild Unicorn_Knights and apply. Looking forward to seeing you. 

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  • Enyelpeas

    Castle Ladies

    February 12, 2016 by Enyelpeas

    Hello there!!

    Am a fan of castle clash ladies such as Pixe, Candy Kane, Valentina (the most I like).  If you have doubt with some of them just let me know!

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  • GalaxySwift

    Thoughts On Aries

    February 11, 2016 by GalaxySwift

    Hey, I was wondering. What are your thoughts on the hero Aries? What parts of the game is he good at and please provide an explanation.

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  • Ephemeraa

    Finally found him

    January 22, 2016 by Ephemeraa

    2 am in the morning here at California. Sleep in the eyes, but willing against it. Been playing CC for about 1-1.5 years now. Might about 48K(ate heroes out of frustration). No PD yet.

    For far too long, I have had Vlad,Santa,TG,Reaper,Immo,Druid and other legendaries and multiple dupes of all of these. Started hating CC. I used to see every single player having PD. Almost everybody has heroes of level 180 now :( Times have changed so rapidly. Evolved heroes are to be seen everywhere. Felt pathetic.

    All this playing in my head and I decide to Switch Account for some reason. "Heck, lets check upon the ids I have never used in a long time." Switched to the 1st smurf. Never used any smurfs. Just created and left it as is. "Hmm. Lots of gems! Let…

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  • Jack Coen

    My favorite heroes

    January 20, 2016 by Jack Coen

    Hello everybody..

    This is my first blog i really don't know what i should write but anyway i will choose my favourite heroes in CC.

    1- Vlad Dracula lv155

    2- Skull Knight lv130

    3- Pumpkin Duke lv140

    4- Dread Drake lv125

    5- Santa Boom lv105

    6- Druid lv155

    But sometimes i use one of those heroes : Warlock lv140, Death Knight lv100, Spirit Mage lv120, Ghoulem lv100, Cupid lv100 and Thunder God lv145.  

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  • Jacksparrow007

    Pumpkin Duke account

    January 14, 2016 by Jacksparrow007

    Hey quys, i have 3 accounts in which i have santa and orksbane in one account and in other i have scull night and third acount is my main which have some shard heroes and a warlock and treantaur but i want a Pumpking duke which im not getting anywhere, i someone wants to donate or exchange with santa or scull night account please contact me on my email,

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  • Гинтоки-сама

    Join my guild GrupaTNT condition 10 000 might for now - week donation 32 shards or more 

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  • Гинтоки-сама


    January 7, 2016 by Гинтоки-сама

    Join my guild GrupaTNT condition 10 000 might for now - week donation 32 shards or more 

    Pridružite se mojoj organizaciji GrupaTNT uslov je za sada 10000 snage  sedmična donacija 32 šards (krhotina)

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  • Sir Eren Kara

    Day 1

    December 12, 2015 by Sir Eren Kara

    I didn't liked wikia.

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  • HeathCairns

    Evo release

    November 1, 2015 by HeathCairns

    Completed adding evo data and formula's to wiki

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  • The Valyard

    Boss & Mesa DPS Tuning

    October 15, 2015 by The Valyard

    (this is a work in progress)

    The most important aspect of tuning damage per second in a Team dungeon is understanding that in an optimal party setup all heroes are striking with 35000 damage every 200ms intervals to the boss. With this understanding we can ignore the individual characteristics of ATK and ATKSPD since the amount of damage inflicted and the rate at which you attack are now fixed.

    Given the table below we can visualize the effect of the different activation or 'proc' rates of these talents. Effectively any time either of these skills 'procs' it counts as an extra hit towards the target.

    Interestingly enough with regards to regular attacks the proc activation % correlates to the effective damage gain.

    Heavy Blow proc rate scales f…

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  • SomCarovny


    September 15, 2015 by SomCarovny

    YES !!!

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  • Jaygaming25

    any questions? need help with hero setups? what talents for a hero? what is this hero good for? just ask me!

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  • Thieunienlam


    September 4, 2015 by Thieunienlam


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  • Bashshar


    August 7, 2015 by Bashshar
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  • Knightraven15

    Guide to Beating Guild Boss 4

    Boss 4 info: HP: 800,000,000 ATK: 50,000 Skill: Instantly Kills a Unit Damage Cap: Receives Maximum of 20,000 damage Additional Skills: Immune to Stun, has a psyshield that regenerates every 0.2 seconds, Lvl 5 Condemnation Maximum Reward: 2000 merits (231M+ damage).

    There are four challenges that you need to overcome in order for a successful 3-minute round against this boss: 1) You can’t let him proc or your heroes will get picked off 1-by-1. 2) He can’t kill heroes with his normal attack, which is quite powerful without an attack debuff. 3) His psyshield regenerates every “tick” (0.2) seconds. This means that the first debuff will not take effect, but will break the psyshield so that other debuffs in the same t…

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  • Knightraven15

    Talent selection is critical to all late game formats. On this page we will explore the best talents for ALL Legendary heroes for each of the formats they are good in. This means there is quite a bit of content so it has been organised into drop down menus for each hero. As a general rule it is better to specialize with talents that focus on enhancing the strong points of heroes rather than trying to make up for their weaknesses. Utility heroes like Pumpkin Duke and Cupid don’t have relevant stat strengths and weaknesses so strategy for them is more flexible. Due to relative easiness of Raids, Dungeons and Hero Expedition in the mid-late game we don’t include these formats as part of our consideration for talent selection. This is because …

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  • Piksodriver

    As we can see


    Berseker lvl 6+ isnt as beneficient as should be

    if ur PD is 9/10 it will gain a full speed at 3th stack with berseker 7-8 is same

    if ur PD is 10/10 u wont gain anything form 6+ after 3th stack,

    but 1st attack faser with 200ms and after 1st prock attack is 200ms speed

    this is the only benefit form 8/8 Bersek

    for most ppl ill recomend leave it at 6 or 7

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  • Knightraven15

    I get this info on the forum. This might help our readers here in wiki to understand the point of berserk with Celebrate stacks.

    I thought it might be helpful for everyone to see the new breakpoints for the level 8 berserk in a easy to view table. One interesting note is that it shows that 1000ms and 2000ms speeds are the only ones that benefit from the level 8 upgrade.
    This was generated by code and if you see any errors let me know. If anyone is interested in more data, with celebrate stacks.. for maybe one or two of the most common base speeds let me know.
    I also have included the 1000ms attack speed table including celebrate stacks, breaking out when the 200ms breakpoint is reached.
    Link to code written in Go I used to generate this https:…

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  • Piksodriver

    Base Designs

    July 23, 2015 by Piksodriver

    The best way to farm HBM

    A-G is corner base

    H-J is Box design base

    K-N is Box design base

    O-P is corner base again

    IDK yet ;) need Vlad and PD to figure it out

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  • Knightraven15

    1. Upgrade Talent (from: CC Taiwan Forum Only talent level 5 can be upgrade

    Upgrade Talent Need
    From Talent Level 5 6 rune talent * 10
    From Talent Level 6 7 rune talent * 10
    From Talent Level 7 8 rune talent * 10

    Rune Talent can be bought in prestige shop:  rune talent 6 = 300 prestise  rune talent 7 = 600 Prestige  rune talent 8 = 1.200 prestise

    2. Talent Level (From CC Taiwan Forum

    Talent Level  Effect
    Revive 1/8 Revive with 10% HP restored.
    2/8 Revive with 15% HP restored.
    3/8 Revive with 20% HP restored.
    4/8 Revive with 25% HP restored.
    5/8 Revive with 30% HP restored.
    6/8 Revive with 45% HP restored.
    7/8 Revive with 65% HP restored.
    8/8 Revive with 100% HP restored.
    Heavy Blow 1/8 Has a 10% chance to inflict Coma for 1.0 secs on target when attacking.

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  • Knightraven15

    Guild Position

    Donation value

    Deputy Chief

    Chief appointed


    10000 +


    3000 to 9999


    0 ~ 2999

    Deputy Chief of rights: In addition to the dissolution and transfer of own coalition, the Alliance deputy leader have all the privileges of alliance leaders.  Elder Permissions: Offered alliance members. Union campaign: 1. When the leader in long-term offline feature will automatically turn on the tribal election. Other members can click the button to enter the UI election. (Boss off seven days, will automatically open election) 2. Offline more than five days of tribal members, which will not appear in the electoral lists (including the original leader) 3. tribe members each have a precious right to vote one time (they can not Give yourself vo…

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  • Guruoz


    July 15, 2015 by Guruoz

    LVL PD Druid SB Vlad Cupid TG Aries DK Orc Molt SM War SB Pixie Immo
    X X X X
    X X

    Stratgey tips for levels (heroes/talents to use and also those note to use)

    Best to farm Level J - even if you can complete some levels in HBM2. more bang for buck

    fairly easy

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  • Guruoz


    July 12, 2015 by Guruoz

    PD Druid SB Vlad Cupid TG Aries DK Orc Molt Mino SM War SB Pixie Immo GR SZ Groot
    Guruoz 9* 7/10

    9* 6/10

    9* 7/10 8* 7/10
    8* 4/10 8* 6/10 8* 6/10 8* 5/10 8* 7/10
    8* 6/10 6* 5/10 7* 4/10 8* 6/10 7* 4/10 7* 6/10 7* 4/10

    All dupes leave at lvl 20 to conserve HB

    Some specialist heroes like FW, Succy should be raised to X, skill Y and capped

    PD ,Druid are #1 priorities ? next - Cupid ? Vlad ? Santa ?


    Heroes to use, any special strategies, talent must haves to complete a level Level A - J Protect PD by keeping in center of base and not on edges. Also  Druid a must to heal between waves

    relatively easy

    Boss comes in... need to slow him down


    LVL Team
    Guruoz P PD, Druid, Santa,Molt,SM,Aries

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  • Knightraven15

    "We've unearthed the Lost Battlefield, an ancient site where the Lost Realm's inhabitants compete against each other.

    Here's what we can reveal for now: ●You’ll need 10,000 Might to enter this new site. ●You'll need more than 5 of your strongest Heroes to defeat other Clashers and claim the top spot, so start training!

    Stay tuned for more on the Lost Battlefield in our next sneak peek! Don't miss it!"

    So kind of like arena? Aries revit rules?

    "The Lost Battlefield will be available once you’ve entered the Lost Realm. It can be accessed via the Arena as a button located next to the Expedition.

    This new feature allows you to choose 3 teams of 5 Heroes to battle against other Clashers. Pick an opponent and battle with your teams! The player to cla…

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  • Collyswagger

    Give away

    June 21, 2015 by Collyswagger

    I am giving away an account that has a pumpkin duke blade snowzilla and druid all around level 100 the person I pick will be random so comment #Give me now to try and win account will be given away in 2 days

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  • LawlyPopz


    June 20, 2015 by LawlyPopz

    Hello people i am new here and just droping by to say hello :)

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  • Knightraven15

    Here are 10/10 skill descriptions for some heroes, text translated from Chinese:

    Paladin - Fortifies defenses. Reduces damage taken by 95% for 7 secs (up from 5 secs)
    Champion - Deals 330% DMG to 3 random nearby targets, inflicting Coma for 3 secs.
    Ninja - Deals 800% DMG to target.
    Succubus - Damages target by 44% of Max HP and reduces its attack by 44% for 8 secs.
    Druid - Restores the HP of 11 nearby allies with the lowest HP by 290% ATK and increases their ATK by 33% for 5 sec
    Atlanticore - Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 7.5 secs. Cooldown required 12.2 secs (up from 11.4 secs)
    Vlad Dracula - Summons bats for 4 secs to bite upto 19 nearby enemies (up from 18) and restores HP. Causes 200% DMG and inflicts Fear

    for 2 secs. Cooldown: 6…

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  • Blakebrb


    May 13, 2015 by Blakebrb

    I wish they updated Castle Clash on IOS and Android at the same time

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  • Knightraven15

    DPS is Damage per Second and refers to the total output of damage every second. DPS is used as a baseline to compare heroes because they attack at varying speeds based on their attack speed and what skills and/or talents may be active. There are 3 main conditions to consider for calculations, they are:

    • Am I looking for DPS vs a single target or multiple?
    • Is there a damage cap?
    • Is the damage cap being reached by everyone I am trying to compare?

    The best provider of DPS in almost any circumstance when you have a group of heroes is Pumpkin Duke. His skill makes heroes attack more often AND for more damage. The impact increasing his skill adds is beyond comparison. I recently had a team Stun locking Boss 3 and dealing 82 million damage in 3 minutes …

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