Price: 6,000 Shard
Flying: no
Base Stats (Level Up)
Range: 0
Ico attack Damage: 180 (+9)
Ico hp Hitpoints: 2,200 (+110)
Ico attackspeed ATK SPD: 2,000ms
Ico movespeed Move SPD: 145
Ico ACC ACC: 145 [1.45%]
Ico dodge Dodge: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Hit CRIT (Rate): [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT CRIT DMG: [+Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Ico CRIT Resist CRIT Resist: [Expression error: Unexpected / operator.%]
Base Evo Stats (Level Up)
Evo1 Ico attack DMG:
[459+] 252 (+9)
Evo1 Ico hp HP: [18,755+] 3,080 (+165)
Evo1 Ico ACC ACC: 183 [1.83%]
Evo2 Ico attack DMG:
[444+] 504 (+9)
Evo2 Ico hp HP: [34,953+] 6,160 (+247)
Evo2 Ico ACC ACC: 260 [2.6%]
Skill Spectacular Scales
Skill Spectacular Scales:
Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for [2.5~7.5] secs. (Cooldown required)

The Atlanticore(AC) is a legendary hero, and is a Tank-class hero with melee attacks. His skill Spectacular Scales makes him invincible to all damage and reflects all incoming damage back at the source aside from buildings for a short period of time. Atlanticore is a heavy-duty tank comparable to the Paladin, with only slightly less HP. Although he has the slowest attack speed of all the current heroes (one attack per 2 seconds), his skill may be one of the most powerful, both defensively and offensively. When paired with the Revitalize talent, the Atlanticore truly shines at his best in all aspects of the game. 

  • Atlanticore won't reflect any damage when he's under the effect of Guardian Angel.


Skills A table that details the statistics of the Atlanticore's Skill.
Evolved Atlanticore Icon
Level Description Cooldown
1/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 2.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 5.0
2/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 3 secs. (Cooldown required) 5.8 2,000
3/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 3.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 6.6 10,000
4/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 4 secs. (Cooldown required) 7.4 30,000
5/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 4.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 8.2 70,000
6/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 5 secs. (Cooldown required) 9.0 120,000
7/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 5.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 9.8 200,000
8/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 6 secs. (Cooldown required) 10.6 500,000
9/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 6.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 11.4 800,000
10/12 Invincible: Deflects DMG from all sources except buildings for 7.5 secs. (Cooldown required) 12.2 1,600,000
11/12 Currently unobtainable.  ? Destiny
12/12 Currently unobtainable.  ? Destiny
The skill descriptions are as they have appeared in the game. They may have been inaccurate or incomplete. Please read hero's description and any added [notes] for more information.

Hero Totem 5 Totem Detailed statistics of the Atlanticore's Skill for Totems.
Atlanticore Icon
Level Description Cooldown
1/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 2.5s. 5.0
2/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 3s. 5.8
3/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 3.5s. 6.6
4/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 4s. 7.4
5/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 4.5s. 8.2
6/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 5s. 9.0
7/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 5.5s. 9.8
8/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 6s. 10.6
9/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 6.5s. 11.4
10/12 Grants invincibility to an allied Hero near the Totem, deflecting DMG from all sources for 7.5s. 12.2
11/12 Currently unobtainable.  ?
12/12 Currently unobtainable.  ?
Max level of Hero Totem is currently 8.

Stats Basic detailed statistics (DMG, HP, MOV SPD and Might), by level, for the hero Atlanticore.
Ico attack Damage
Ico hp Hitpoints
Ico movespeed Move Speed
Might Might*
(1Glowing starstar) 1 180Ico attack 2,200Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 83 Might 
 2 189Ico attack 2,310Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 87 Might 
 3 198Ico attack 2,420Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 92 Might 
 4 207Ico attack 2,530Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 97 Might 
 5 216Ico attack 2,640Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 102 Might 
 6 225Ico attack 2,750Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 106 Might 
 7 234Ico attack 2,860Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 111 Might 
 8 243Ico attack 2,970Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 116 Might 
 9 252Ico attack 3,080Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 120 Might 
 10 261Ico attack 3,190Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 125 Might 
 11 270Ico attack 3,300Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 130 Might 
 12 279Ico attack 3,410Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 134 Might 
 13 288Ico attack 3,520Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 139 Might 
 14 297Ico attack 3,630Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 144 Might 
 15 306Ico attack 3,740Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 149 Might 
 16 315Ico attack 3,850Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 153 Might 
 17 324Ico attack 3,960Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 158 Might 
 18 333Ico attack 4,070Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 163 Might 
 19 342Ico attack 4,180Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 167 Might 
 20 351Ico attack 4,290Ico hp 145Ico movespeed 172 Might 
(2Glowing starstar) 20 531Ico attack 6,490Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 173 Might 
 21 540Ico attack 6,600Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 177 Might 
 22 549Ico attack 6,710Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 182 Might 
 23 558Ico attack 6,820Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 187 Might 
 24 567Ico attack 6,930Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 192 Might 
 25 576Ico attack 7,040Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 196 Might 
 26 585Ico attack 7,150Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 201 Might 
 27 594Ico attack 7,260Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 206 Might 
 28 603Ico attack 7,370Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 211 Might 
 29 612Ico attack 7,480Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 215 Might 
 30 621Ico attack 7,590Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 220 Might 
 31 630Ico attack 7,700Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 225 Might 
 32 639Ico attack 7,810Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 229 Might 
 33 648Ico attack 7,920Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 234 Might 
 34 657Ico attack 8,030Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 239 Might 
 35 666Ico attack 8,140Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 244 Might 
 36 675Ico attack 8,250Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 248 Might 
 37 684Ico attack 8,360Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 253 Might 
 38 693Ico attack 8,470Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 258 Might 
 39 702Ico attack 8,580Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 263 Might 
 40 711Ico attack 8,690Ico hp 150Ico movespeed 267 Might 
(3Glowing starstar) 40 891Ico attack 10,890Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 268 Might 
 41 900Ico attack 11,000Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 273 Might 
 42 909Ico attack 11,110Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 278 Might 
 43 918Ico attack 11,220Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 283 Might 
 44 927Ico attack 11,330Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 287 Might 
 45 936Ico attack 11,440Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 292 Might 
 46 945Ico attack 11,550Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 297 Might 
 47 954Ico attack 11,660Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 302 Might 
 48 963Ico attack 11,770Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 307 Might 
 49 972Ico attack 11,880Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 311 Might 
 50 981Ico attack 11,990Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 316 Might 
 51 990Ico attack 12,100Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 321 Might 
 52 999Ico attack 12,210Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 326 Might 
 53 1,008Ico attack 12,320Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 330 Might 
 54 1,017Ico attack 12,430Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 335 Might 
 55 1,026Ico attack 12,540Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 340 Might 
 56 1,035Ico attack 12,650Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 345 Might 
 57 1,044Ico attack 12,760Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 349 Might 
 58 1,053Ico attack 12,870Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 354 Might 
 59 1,062Ico attack 12,980Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 359 Might 
 60 1,071Ico attack 13,090Ico hp 155Ico movespeed 364 Might 
(4Glowing starstar) 60 1,251Ico attack 15,290Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 365 Might 
 61 1,260Ico attack 15,400Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 370 Might 
 62 1,269Ico attack 15,510Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 375 Might 
 63 1,278Ico attack 15,620Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 380 Might 
 64 1,287Ico attack 15,730Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 384 Might 
 65 1,296Ico attack 15,840Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 389 Might 
 66 1,305Ico attack 15,950Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 394 Might 
 67 1,314Ico attack 16,060Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 399 Might 
 68 1,323Ico attack 16,170Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 404 Might 
 69 1,332Ico attack 16,280Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 408 Might 
 70 1,341Ico attack 16,390Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 413 Might 
 71 1,350Ico attack 16,500Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 418 Might 
 72 1,359Ico attack 16,610Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 423 Might 
 73 1,368Ico attack 16,720Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 428 Might 
 74 1,377Ico attack 16,830Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 432 Might 
 75 1,386Ico attack 16,940Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 437 Might 
 76 1,395Ico attack 17,050Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 442 Might 
 77 1,404Ico attack 17,160Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 447 Might 
 78 1,413Ico attack 17,270Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 452 Might 
 79 1,422Ico attack 17,380Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 456 Might 
 80 1,431Ico attack 17,490Ico hp 160Ico movespeed 461 Might 
(5Glowing starstar) 80 1,611Ico attack 19,690Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 463 Might 
 81 1,620Ico attack 19,800Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 468 Might 
 82 1,629Ico attack 19,910Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 473 Might 
 83 1,638Ico attack 20,020Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 478 Might 
 84 1,647Ico attack 20,130Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 483 Might 
 85 1,656Ico attack 20,240Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 487 Might 
 86 1,665Ico attack 20,350Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 492 Might 
 87 1,674Ico attack 20,460Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 497 Might 
 88 1,683Ico attack 20,570Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 502 Might 
 89 1,692Ico attack 20,680Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 507 Might 
 90 1,701Ico attack 20,790Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 512 Might 
 91 1,710Ico attack 20,900Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 516 Might 
 92 1,719Ico attack 21,010Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 521 Might 
 93 1,728Ico attack 21,120Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 526 Might 
 94 1,737Ico attack 21,230Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 531 Might 
 95 1,746Ico attack 21,340Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 536 Might 
 96 1,755Ico attack 21,450Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 540 Might 
 97 1,764Ico attack 21,560Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 545 Might 
 98 1,773Ico attack 21,670Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 550 Might 
 99 1,782Ico attack 21,780Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 555 Might 
 100 1,791Ico attack 21,890Ico hp 165Ico movespeed 560 Might 
(6Glowing starstar) 100 1,971Ico attack 24,090Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 562 Might 
 101 1,980Ico attack 24,200Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 567 Might 
 102 1,989Ico attack 24,310Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 572 Might 
 103 1,998Ico attack 24,420Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 577 Might 
 104 2,007Ico attack 24,530Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 582 Might 
 105 2,016Ico attack 24,640Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 587 Might 
 106 2,025Ico attack 24,750Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 592 Might 
 107 2,034Ico attack 24,860Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 596 Might 
 108 2,043Ico attack 24,970Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 601 Might 
 109 2,052Ico attack 25,080Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 606 Might 
 110 2,061Ico attack 25,190Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 611 Might 
 111 2,070Ico attack 25,300Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 616 Might 
 112 2,079Ico attack 25,410Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 621 Might 
 113 2,088Ico attack 25,520Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 625 Might 
 114 2,097Ico attack 25,630Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 630 Might 
 115 2,106Ico attack 25,740Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 635 Might 
 116 2,115Ico attack 25,850Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 640 Might 
 117 2,124Ico attack 25,960Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 645 Might 
 118 2,133Ico attack 26,070Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 650 Might 
 119 2,142Ico attack 26,180Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 654 Might 
 120 2,151Ico attack 26,290Ico hp 170Ico movespeed 659 Might 
(7Glowing starstar) 120 2,331Ico attack 28,490Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 663 Might 
 121 2,340Ico attack 28,600Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 668 Might 
 122 2,349Ico attack 28,710Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 672 Might 
 123 2,358Ico attack 28,820Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 677 Might 
 124 2,367Ico attack 28,930Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 682 Might 
 125 2,376Ico attack 29,040Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 687 Might 
 126 2,385Ico attack 29,150Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 692 Might 
 127 2,394Ico attack 29,260Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 697 Might 
 128 2,403Ico attack 29,370Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 702 Might 
 129 2,412Ico attack 29,480Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 707 Might 
 130 2,421Ico attack 29,590Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 711 Might 
 131 2,430Ico attack 29,700Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 716 Might 
 132 2,439Ico attack 29,810Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 721 Might 
 133 2,448Ico attack 29,920Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 726 Might 
 134 2,457Ico attack 30,030Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 731 Might 
 135 2,466Ico attack 30,140Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 736 Might 
 136 2,475Ico attack 30,250Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 741 Might 
 137 2,484Ico attack 30,360Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 745 Might 
 138 2,493Ico attack 30,470Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 750 Might 
 139 2,502Ico attack 30,580Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 755 Might 
 140 2,511Ico attack 30,690Ico hp 175Ico movespeed 760 Might 
(8Glowing starstar) 140 2,691Ico attack 32,890Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 764 Might 
 141 2,700Ico attack 33,000Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 769 Might 
 142 2,709Ico attack 33,110Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 774 Might 
 143 2,718Ico attack 33,220Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 779 Might 
 144 2,727Ico attack 33,330Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 784 Might 
 145 2,736Ico attack 33,440Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 789 Might 
 146 2,745Ico attack 33,550Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 793 Might 
 147 2,754Ico attack 33,660Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 798 Might 
 148 2,763Ico attack 33,770Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 803 Might 
 149 2,772Ico attack 33,880Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 808 Might 
 150 2,781Ico attack 33,990Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 813 Might 
 151 2,790Ico attack 34,100Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 818 Might 
 152 2,799Ico attack 34,210Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 823 Might 
 153 2,808Ico attack 34,320Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 828 Might 
 154 2,817Ico attack 34,430Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 833 Might 
 155 2,826Ico attack 34,540Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 838 Might 
 156 2,835Ico attack 34,650Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 842 Might 
 157 2,844Ico attack 34,760Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 847 Might 
 158 2,853Ico attack 34,870Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 852 Might 
 159 2,862Ico attack 34,980Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 857 Might 
 160 2,871Ico attack 35,090Ico hp 180Ico movespeed 862 Might 
(9Glowing starstar) 160 3,051Ico attack 37,290Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 866 Might 
 161 3,060Ico attack 37,400Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 871 Might 
 162 3,069Ico attack 37,510Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 876 Might 
 163 3,078Ico attack 37,620Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 881 Might 
 164 3,087Ico attack 37,730Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 886 Might 
 165 3,096Ico attack 37,840Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 891 Might 
 166 3,105Ico attack 37,950Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 896 Might 
 167 3,114Ico attack 38,060Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 901 Might 
 168 3,123Ico attack 38,170Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 906 Might 
 169 3,132Ico attack 38,280Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 911 Might 
 170 3,141Ico attack 38,390Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 916 Might 
 171 3,150Ico attack 38,500Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 921 Might 
 172 3,159Ico attack 38,610Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 926 Might 
 173 3,168Ico attack 38,720Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 931 Might 
 174 3,177Ico attack 38,830Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 935 Might 
 175 3,186Ico attack 38,940Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 940 Might 
 176 3,195Ico attack 39,050Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 945 Might 
 177 3,204Ico attack 39,160Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 950 Might 
 178 3,213Ico attack 39,270Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 955 Might 
 179 3,222Ico attack 39,380Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 960 Might 
 180 3,231Ico attack 39,490Ico hp 185Ico movespeed 965 Might 
(10Glowing starstar) 180 3,411Ico attack 41,690Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 970 Might 
 181 3,420Ico attack 41,800Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 975 Might 
 182 3,429Ico attack 41,910Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 980 Might 
 183 3,438Ico attack 42,020Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 985 Might 
 184 3,447Ico attack 42,130Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 990 Might 
 185 3,456Ico attack 42,240Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 995 Might 
 186 3,465Ico attack 42,350Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,000 Might 
 187 3,474Ico attack 42,460Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,005 Might 
 188 3,483Ico attack 42,570Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,010 Might 
 189 3,492Ico attack 42,680Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,015 Might 
 190 3,501Ico attack 42,790Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,020 Might 
 191 3,510Ico attack 42,900Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,025 Might 
 192 3,519Ico attack 43,010Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,029 Might 
 193 3,528Ico attack 43,120Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,034 Might 
 194 3,537Ico attack 43,230Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,039 Might 
 195 3,546Ico attack 43,340Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,044 Might 
 196 3,555Ico attack 43,450Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,049 Might 
 197 3,564Ico attack 43,560Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,054 Might 
 198 3,573Ico attack 43,670Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,059 Might 
 199 3,582Ico attack 43,780Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,064 Might 
 200 3,591Ico attack 43,890Ico hp 190Ico movespeed 1,069 Might 
* Shown Might is based on Skill, and Talent, at Level 1 and excludes inscription: