Rains arrows on an area, dealing 8%  of Max HP + 120 DMG to all enemy troops within the area over 8 seconds. Does not affect buildings. 

Purchased Arrow RainEdit



Level Unlocks at Relic Hall Level Cost (Gold) Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Fixed Damage Damage HP (%) Might
1 1 1,200Gold.png 30m 5,000Gold.png 120 8.0 10
2 2 2,400Gold.png 1h43m 10,000Gold.png 240 8.0 30
3 3 3,600Gold.png 4h5m 19,000Gold.png 360 8.0 60
4 4 4,800Gold.png 13h48m 32,000Gold.png 480 8.0 100
5 5 6,000Gold.png N/A N/A 600 8.0 150

Arrow Rain LevelsEdit


Here are the Levels for Arrow Rain

Arrow1 Arrow2 Arrow3 Arrow4 Arrow5

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