Invokes Ares' strength on all your troops and heros, granting them +5% ATK until the battle ends.

  • There is a magic similar to this named Invigorate that is used in Boss Battle Magic AresFervor.

Purchased Ares' FervorEdit



Level Unlocks at Relic Hall Level Cost(Gold)         Level Up Time Level Up Cost (Gold) Increase ATK (%) Might
1 5 6,000 Gold.png 13h48m 80,000 Gold.png 5.0 20
2 6 8,000 Gold.png 21h54m 120,000 Gold.png 8.0 60
3 7 10,000 Gold.png 1d8h24m 150,000 Gold.png 11.0 120
4 8 12,000 Gold.png 1d22h34m 190,000 Gold.png 14.0 200
5 9 14,000 Gold.png N/A N/A 17.0 300

Ares' Fervor LevelsEdit


Here are the Levels for Ares Fervor

Unlock5 Aresfervor1 Aresfervor2 Aresfervor3 Aresfervor4 Aresfervor5

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